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The power went out here last night for about 2 hours.  I made a small list up of major things that need to be done. I'm calling it, "my house" to make it into the things I want my house to look like.  Every now and then, I take the bull by the horns and do something like that.  Good motivator! LOL


Insert picture here of older lady flipping  a bull labeled housejobs.  Not housework.  Sounds more professional to say "jobs"  LOL.

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Since I have a dog, I stay in one room with the door  closed and  when they are ready to do that room they knock and we go in the bedroom until they are done. If the waether is nice, we go outside on the patio. Right now here in Az it is too hot to do so.  I also sanitize the hard surfaces after they leave, which only takes a few minutes.  They are required to wear a mask and gloves.

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@Witchy Woman wrote:



Like you, I had someone cleaning my home every 2 weeks when I worked.  Thankfully, I could continue to afford to have it done when I retired.


However, in March, we both decided to put it on hold and I've been doing it myself.


Cannot say I enjoy it, but I don't forsee a time when I will feel comfortable having someone come into my home again.


     I'm just curious..... you both decided to cancel the cleaner but you are doing all of the cleaning.  Is there some reason why you both aren't doing the cleaning?