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After I retired from teaching, the assistant manager of a department store allowed one of his floor managers to threaten me over a toxic employee.


I left the position a week later.  After I was through and emailed the home office with names and dates, she didn't know if she had a job for 2 months and her position was such she ended up leaving. (I still had friends that worked there).  He (assistant store manager) is still there and has all kinds of trouble in that store as it has plumited down hill.  Karma.

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During the 1990s, I worked for several Blue Cross offices in Southern California as a temp. I worked thru their Temporary Agency - which was on-site. Several of my supervisors were females - in their 40s. I was already in my mid-to-late 50s. None of them introduced themselves; treated me like I was invisible; and one was a mean witch.

At the last place I worked, I was supposed to organize the file cabinets in her office - and make new labels. She arrived 15 minutes late - I waited for her - she never said anything to me - not even hello. I asked her for a step-stool as I'm quite short and couldn't reach the top drawers of the file cabinets - and she said there weren't any. She walked out of her office - and I started organizing the files and making new labels. After a couple of hours, the woman from the Temp Agency came over to me and said, "I was told that ur too slow." She asked if anyone had ever told me that before - and I said, "I'm from New York - everyone tells me I'm too fast." I could tell the woman from the agency didn't believe that witch either. As I drove home, the tears were running down my face. In the 1990s, we were in a bad recession and everyone was getting laid off. I always worked as a stenographer/secretary - and after the computers came in - there were no jobs for me. I turned 50 yrs old in 1990 - and didn't have computer skills - so finding jobs were difficult. That's why I started working temp jobs - as I was broke. My last temp job in 1999 -- another mean company - who actually hired me permanently. I wound up suing them as I injured my back and collected a good amount of $$$$$$$$$$ - which allowed me to buy a brand new house which I love. It's been 20 years.

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I sure appreciate all the feedback on this subject.thank u everyone!

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Yes, of course.  I think everyone who has a job feels like that from time to time.  It's been a long time since I had a worker bee type job so I haven't had boss problems like that.  When I feel like calling it a career, it's because of the work itself.  There are times when I feel like the job I have just isn't worth it.  That I should quit and find a job that is easier with less fewer responsibilities and less stress.  Maybe even do some consulting so I can work when I want to work, take time off when I want to.  

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@sherrikay wrote:

have u ever had a day,when u just want to say,I quite!well today was one of those days for me.some days,boss can be wasn't one of them.if I was a boss,I would atleast give employees a pat on the back for showing up and doing a good job.and I for sure wouldnt reprimand a person in front of other employees.i guess I have to get back to reality on this and think things thru.have been with this buisness for 40 yrs.i think that says something


I'm with you.  I was a a senior manager at a huge international corporation for nearly 40 years. It's amazing to look back at how it changed over the years. It went from one that valued employees to one that demanded loyalty, made outrageous demands on hours and workloads, reduced benefit after benefit after benefit, and found ways to not give people raises. 


In the last 10 years there, I often got in trouble because I recognized my employees efforts, made a point to talk to them like adults and with respect, wanted to promote some, fought for salary increases, and didn't jump to  threats and written or final warnings for every little thing. 


My own boss screamed at me and called me stupid, old, etc. They did worse to their own employees. So I had to protect my teams. It was worth it even though I took the brunt for them.