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have u ever had a day,when u just want to say,I quite!well today was one of those days for me.some days,boss can be wasn't one of them.if I was a boss,I would atleast give employees a pat on the back for showing up and doing a good job.and I for sure wouldnt reprimand a person in front of other employees.i guess I have to get back to reality on this and think things thru.have been with this buisness for 40 yrs.i think that says something

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I was in charge of people in my job I hope I never made anyone feel like that. I'm sorry that happened to you. (((((Hugs)))))) from me to you. Thank you for all you do and showing up and giving it your all. ❤️

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Not with my current job, which I have had for three years, but I have felt that exact sentiment with a previous job.


It's easier said then done, but if you are not in the position to actually quit, then I would suggest looking for another job.


Life is too short to be miserable, and reprimanding an employee in front of others is absolutely not acceptable. 


Keep your head up. I am not sure if you are a religious person or not, but put it in prayer. 

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My former boss was a jerk. I have no problem with authority on the job, but he was a actual jerk. We used to joke that if an armed gunman got in our dept. of the hospital, he would grab one of us an use us as a human shield. If I had a really bad day I would quit in my head, that brief fantasy got me through almost 40 years. 

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The best bosses follow the Golden Rule of Praise in Public, scold in private.

Wrong is still wrong just because you benefited from it.
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well said nancy drew.i hope tomorrow is a better day at work.i don't want to have a ruined  weekend because of stressing over this

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I've been there.  In the 80s my boss was named Rick. His nick name was Rick the &*^%$ (think diabetes & your finger).  


He was proud of it too. He liked to brag he could make waitresses cry.


I lasted 8 very,long years.

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I worked for a married couple at a business for 25. Years.  I really hated the husband....his wife was nice.  He was a jerk. But, I put up with him for the job as they paid me well.  I think if it had not been for his wife....I would have quit right away. 

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 Had a few Supervisors  that had favorites who were perfect and the rest of us work horses  they worked almost to death . When I changed positions and  worked as a Supervisor to a team , I never forgot some of the less human Supervisors  that  I had experienced. I always said thank you and please to my Team. Give praise loudly and  coach those how to do a better job  or ask for help when needed .

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Wow! I had that same day as you did. Work for husband & wife and the husband can be very abusive to employees at the drop of a hat. You never know when it's coming or who he's targeting. It happens every time he's in the office which thankfully is not every day.  It is unbelievable with how hard everyone works that he comes in and does this and then expects everyone to keep working hard. It has the opposite effect as most of us who get his wrath just spend the rest of the day fuming about what he says and gets nothing else done. I feel your pain!