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I am shocked to read this.  I realized awhile ago Andrea hadn't been on the board in awhile but I had no idea she had any health issues. 


My condolences to her family.    

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@ECBG  I did read the whole thing and still don't get the connection between Andrea's death and you "taught".    Maybe you can explain that to me so I can be "nice".  

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I am so sorry that I am just reading about the loss of this forum member. I  read alot of her posts over the years and my heart goes out to her family.

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It was sad to see this. RIP Andrea.  I didn’t post on the outfit of the day but I would tune in once in a while.  She loved clothes and music and it came through strongly.  When I had time I would listen to some of her music picks and was introduced to new artists I have never heard of.   I hope she is now in peace.