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Re: Skypie and Friends Renewed

Sure hope skypie is well and happy.


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Re: Skypie and Friends Renewed

@ladyroxanne@Cakers3@croemer@go2girland skypie-


finally signed in here today, so here i am.


Cat Happyladyrox- well i recall vinnie laying her eggs, no?

bet your dh doesn't want her to be calling out for the giants this season...

long haired chihuahuas do sound lovely, i don't think i have seen them.


i stayed over with a great aunt some times when i was a kid, she had a black chihuahua, named carlos. he was older, going gray in a distinguished way- he was the only dog i knew that i never had any fun with. he spent his days laying across the top of a very fancy upholstered chair, glaring sleepily out the bay window- and yapping at everything that passed on the road, which was fortunately a quiet road, cause the yapping was jarring.

he didn't 'play' or want to be touched- the only fun came in his interaction with my very stern aunt, who was feared by everyone she met. her house was on a big lake with lots of woods-

carlos would roam the yard a bit too far, and she'd shout ,''carlos!! on the double!!'' now sometimes he'd turn his head and look at her, before bolting into the woods. otherwise, he'd just stroll away nonchalantly into the brush- she'd order him back once more, then go inside. i learned not to mention that the dog had defied her. he always showed up asleep on the front porch next am. she cooked him porterhouse steak every day, ground up finely from the butcher. then he'd doze, yap, run away, repeat.

i couldn't figure what the point was of having a dog like that, my dogs interacted with me all the time, and except for chewing or wetting stuff, they were a joy. but maybe carlos suited her, as i couldn't imagine her 'playing' with an animal or a child or anything!

bet your ladies are good companions and nice they have each other too. carlos made me think then that chihuahuas weren't a 'people' dog.


Woman Sadoh croemer-

ladyrox knew merle very well and could say better- but i think it was pancreatic cancer. hope she corrects me if wrong.


cakers- i see you around the board sometimes, know that i always read what you write, so keep it clean!...Cat Tongue