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There are a lot of neighborhood as well as two lane highways here that have draped repair signs up which have been there since just before the virus.


It would seem that the repairmen could have gotten these tasks done more safely with highly reduced to no traffic, as well as being outside while all of this mess has been going on. 


Are roads waiting to be repaired where you are?

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I have noticed alot of road work in process . . .  ever since the weather improved.  I took it to mean that they are taking advantage of decreased traffic..

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On our last eblast, for the first time, they detailed layoffs and projects on hold.  At least one already the land cleared, no doubt the blackberries are going to fun until this turns better.

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Not sure, but many roads in our city lack repair. I agree with your observation about seeming to be a pretty safe environment to work. The mayor here attributes a lot of things here to lack of sales taxes, especially the loss of major events like the College World Series.




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Re: Road Repairs

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@hckynut  Yes, but with that new bond passing it will be gridlock for the next four years as we play catch up!


ETA - Good thing the taxpayer never runs out of money!!!

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Here in Michigan we are the land of road repairs constantly. Our governor has had such a strict hold on us that she wouldn't even allow the roads to be fixed. Kind-of doesn't make sense since no one was using them. Oh well, go figure.

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Yes because my governor the "I'm going to fix the D*** roads" candidate shut down all construction for 6 weeks.


One would have thought that while we are all in lockdown and not driving it would be a great time to work on the roads.  What do I know.

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I was hoping they'd use this time to fix roads around here. Then I remembered they don't fix roads around here to begin with.

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The town was out today on my street painting the middle line. Not sure about road repair. 

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In AZ, Spring is road repair season.  Today we were in Phoenix and they were striping roads.