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Acuvue rebates for contact lenses expects its clients to buy a product and then prepare a song and dance as well as perform for a crowd!  If it weren't for the fact that it's $50, I would skip but I can't leave that for them to pocket!  


After purchasing one gets a rebate form to scan, copy the receipt and complete on line rebate form.  Ok, that should be it, right?  No.  Once submission received we received notice that form and original receipt were to be mailed in!  


Adding further insult if it's like prior years, they will send an e-bate unless you catch and ask for real card.  


I recently got a postcard regarding a class action suit about contact lenses.  I don't think it was about rebates but about price fixing.  Clients get kicked down every which way!

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I am convinced that company rebates are a scam.  I hope you give up, or forget you mailed it in.  

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I found that e-bates, like virtual credit cards, are difficult to use in B&M stores.  I would think twice before getting into that situation again.  That can be used online of course, but I don't make many online purchases. 

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We bought two kayaks at Menard's.  There were rebates for the kayaks and a separate rebate for the paddles.  Never received a thing.  Yes, I know procedure, we got our Visa Gift Card back from Firestone at the same time.  I remember working for the post office on a temporary job years and years ago.  Remember Vidal Sassoon shampoo?  I sorrted hundreds of post cards to people who had sent in requests for rebate.  The only reason they didn't give for rejection was the person got up on the wrong side of the bed that day.  In other words they paid as litte out as possible. I never bought that brand again.  We rarely shop at Menards for the same reason.  

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That's one reason I haven't done Menards rebates.  Somehow seems usually more trouble than VA!he but yours probably sizeable enough to do.

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@Peaches McPhee wrote:

I am convinced that company rebates are a scam.  I hope you give up, or forget you mailed it in.  

They make it so hard it's not worth it.