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Adding my prayers for her wellness and peace. My brother had a kidney biopsy which led to a removal of a cancerous tumor 4 years ago, and I remember how painful it was for him. My best wishes for your daughter, and for all who love and care about her!
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Of Course, Goodstuff, just saw this now and will be praying for sure!  

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Sending my prayers also.

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I will pray for her, you, and all who love her.

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Praying that all goes well during the procedure and that the outcome is good.

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I will be praying, goodstuff.  Your daughter sounds like a lovely person.  You both will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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prayers being said . . .

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More prayers are being said for your daughter and your family.




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Heartfelt prayers for your daughter during this difficult time!
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I'm  praying too! Wishing you and your family strength and faith as you're waiting for results of this biopsy. I pray it's much less painful than expected! pinky