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Send prayers to both of you, God Bless
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Goodstuff - you got it.  Prayers being said for your daughter.

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I will say Prayers for you and your daughter...may God be with you both....

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Saying prayers for your loving daughter and you my dear. God bless you both and protect you.
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Prayed for your daughter.....and the rest of your family. 

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My prayers are with you for you and your daughter.  God Bless.

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I am 64 and had a kidney biopsy 5 years ago.  My kidney function had gone down to 20 per cent and my electrolytes were all off. They began treating me with meds and I go to the RENAL doc on a regular basis for labs to have my inflammation checked and to ensure I don't have an infection.  Everything has been stable enough and I always do what the docs tell me to do. I have Chronic Kidney disease and two other autoimmune diseases and I am doing ok.  So, here's praying for your daughter that she will get along ok too and whatever the diagno�is is it will be managenble and she will be ok.

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Just offered up prayer for your daughter.
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I just wanted to let all of you know that our daughter's kidney biopsy went well this morning.  She was alert and able to enjoy a sandwich and drink after the procedure and is now back home resting and recovering.  She was beginning to feel some discomfort as the meds wore off.  Pray that she'll have less pain than last time around.........and pray for God's good hand in the results, which we should get in a few days.


Thank you very much for joining the many friends and family who have been holding her up in prayer!  

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You and your dear daugher are in my thoughts and prayers.


As a mother of a son with health issues my heart goes out to you. It hurts to the core seeing our children in pain and scared.  


((((Goodstuff and dear daughter))))