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YES YES AND YES AGAIN !!!!   We are going Feb 27th, he is coming to our neck of the woods.  I saw him once in concert and it was amazing.

I LOVE him and his music.  He is one of my favorites. 

He has had it so hard with his sons cancer.  But now that he is in remission, he is back on tour.  I have seen many interviews lately and he simply cannot talk about any specifics of what his son had to endure, he says that it is just too hard. 


I am looking forward to an evening with BUBLE' and my hubby. HeartHeart

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To all of you going -- it is great.  this is probably my 6th show I have seen.  He is so great on stage....and funny.  Love him.  His voice has, can I say, matured?  Much stronger I believe.  Maybe the 5 years off did him good (voice-wise).  I like he has stretched his stage through the crowd so we all get a good sighting!  Enjoy ladies!!

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I have seen his concert. One of the best I have been to. He is coming back into our city next month but can’t go. Wish I could 

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He didn’t really retire. His son got cancer and he took time off. 

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Love his music, he  was in Pittsburgh last night. Wish I would have gone. 

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He is one of my favorites. I am so glad his young son is doing well....he never retired...he simply abandoned his career because he said nothing else mattered to him except caring for his son and seeing he got the treatment he needed. What a wonderful father he is. I would love to see him in concert and will as soon as I can.
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The show last Saturday was terrific- Michael is incredibly talented and humble as anything! He interacted with the audience more than most shows I've seen lately- and I go to MANY concerts!  He's defintiely on my 'must see again!' list.

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@itsmetoo wrote:

@Nananana59 wrote:

shortest retirement ever!



His very young son is battling cancer.  He didn't 'retire'.



yes. He took time off with his beautiful son. I like his music..