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For all we know Martha & Felicity are friends and it's an inside joke.

Martha has a wicked sense of humor.


Not defending her, just my take.

Martha can be short but I've never seen her be mean

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Martha is a personality you either  like, love or hate. She is a very strong personality. Very talented and a leader. And people like this become so full of themselves they often times think they are invincible....leading to their we saw with Martha and are seeing presently with another personality.....



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@Puppy Lips, I think Martha says just what she thinks, as apparently you also do.

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@silver fox. Touché
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Although not particularly a fan or groupie, I think she has a lot of energy and knowledge. Whether or not she does her own gardening, etc. at her "homes", she does know her stuff, written many books about entertaining, lifestyle, cooking, housekeeping, etc. 


She seems well read and has kept herself active traveling and reinventing herself many times and in many ways.


Sometimes whether or not you like a woman's personality, you have to give her credit when it's due. 

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@Puppy Lips ......Yes I do.  Many people, including her family have said what a mean, nasty person she is.  Years ago there was a made for TV movie about her, Cybill Shephard played Martha.  I never did see the movie but the ads for the show did not play her in a favorable light.


However, since I dont know her I try my best not to judge.  I just dont watch when she is on QVC.

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My Mom was a Fan and watched her TV shows. I think things she sells are  overpriced!

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I think her remarks about Huffman were witty.  

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@evelyner wrote:

I think her remarks about Huffman were witty.  

@evelyner I was just watching another entertainment show last night (I really have to stop watching those) where they were interviewing people for some event.  And the reporter asked Martha about her comments about Felicity.  Martha totally blew her off and deflected.  So she had no comment on her comment.  If Martha was trying to be funny with her first remarks, it did not come off that way.  But here was a chance for Martha to clear the air and she did not take it.  I do give her credit for all her success and whatnot.  But it does not cost anything to be nice and have class, and I think she has neither.

Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else. Margaret Mead
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I wouldn't need or want to be BFF with MS. We are too alike ( people always call me "snotty" and say that I think I am better than they .)

But I would give ANYTHING for her turkey dinner she offered a few years ago.