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I drink two iced lattes every morning.  I have a Nespresso and make them with that.


@Kachina624   I love Premier Protein shakes but haven't bought them in a while.  I used added the vanilla and caffee latte to my Walmart order.  I'm so glad you mentioned them.  

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Re: Is This You????

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Forget the liquor bar, I have a Coffee Bar set up in my kitchen (OK, I have a liquor bar near my dining area).


I love my morning coffee, plus another cup mid-day.  I have a Nespresso on the bar, and a lot of those pretty different colored Nespresso rounded pods in a bowl.   Also, a selection of zero-sugar Puremade Torani syrups, and freshly grounded cinnamon (I grind cinnamon sticks once a week). 



I use a dash of International Delights Hazelnut creamer to smooth it out.  I used a Nespresso aerator, but it produced whimpy creamer foam.  I switched it out for a Miroco aerator.  Now the foam is substantial and lasts. 


I love my morning coffee.  

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I can't function without a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.  I have to have shortly after I wake up.  I drink it with an 8oz bottle of water and I'm alert and ready to start my day.  

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@ECBG  I can't live without my morning coffee. Two big cups and I'm good to go all day.


I love everything about coffee. The smell, the taste and the ritual of it all. Plus coffee has good stuff in it. Like antioxidants. Also keeps "things" flowing and regular. Sorry TMIWoman Wink


Everyone in my immediate and huge extended family have always been big coffee drinkers.

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@Queen of shop 


The funny thing is that, I loved coffee ice cream as  a child!

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I can't wait for the first cup in the morning...then I'm done.  I usually have two cups, Folgers or eight o'clock brand, nothing after 10am. Keeps me up. 

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I will drink coffee every morning until the day I drop dead.  I enjoy coffee, especially my Goya!




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