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Just to let you all know, my friend and I are fine. The subject won’t come up again.  I should have just laughed it off . . . OMG, at our age to be discussing our long long ago appearance is just silly!


I do appreciate your kind responses though. Thank you for putting up with me.

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@LilacTree @You are so beautiful to this day and I suppose it is partly because of your inner beauty that shines brightly.I can’t imagine a friend commenting the way yours did but I guess she has been envious ....I never imagined that envy could survive that long.

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@LilacTree I have seen pictures of you in the past few years.  You are still really very pretty.


You must have been a knock-out in your youth, so much so that your friend is still bothered by it.  She apparently needed to one up you in order to make herself feel better.


i can related to the sting of pain she brought.  I had the same type of comment made to me by a SIL.  Her daughter commented about my beautiful eyes and my SIL told her daughter in front of me and others at a holiday meal that I used to be beautiful and had a killer body before I let "myself go."


My SIL ( DH brother's wife) is no prize, but she is thin and I am fluffy and curvy.  i guess having a great body is all relative.  Some think rail thin is beautiful and others like curvy better.  


It really doesn't matter.  Some people just have to put others down to make themselves feel better.

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Maybe she wishes she were thin now.  I read the other day that hour glass shapes turn into apples.  Thicker in the middle with thinner legs.  I should know....I'm turning into an apple as we speak!!!!!

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Hi my friend @LilacTree ,


Why?  I sure can't answer that one for ya. Things people say haven't bothered me, except! The English teacher I had as a sophomore. While answering her question(when called on you had to stand up), she said this in front of the class:


"You would be a real cute boy if you weren't so fat"!


Not sure those were her exact words, but it's close. Was 14 or 15 at the time, but I still remember it very well. Other than that, I don't give a hoot who says what about, or to me. If my old friend that I grew up with in the Projects said something like that to me?


I see him at ice skating(he is 83 and was my hero skater back then), I would laugh it off.  He does comment often at skating, "I sure wish I could skate as well and fast as you". Who doesn't like a compliment?


Hoping you are doing better, you are in my thoughts.