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We have 8 grandchildren and the older ones have always called us grandma and grandpa which we love and embrace.  

The other grandparents of our two youngest prefer being called by their first names.   So those two kids now call us by our first names which we hate!   We have expressed our feelings but they do spend a lot more time with the other side because of distance and they cannot seem to break the habit with the first names.   

It sends a chill down me when they do it!

Have any thoughts on that?


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I don't have grandchildren but it seems like once you've told them or their parents what you prefer to be called, it should be end-of-story.

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  I don't have any grandkids yet, but hoping to soon. DH & I can't wait to be called Grandma & Grandpa. We would be hurt if we were called anything else.


 Your family should respect your wishes & call you what you want to be called.It's a right you've earned for years of  doing right by your children.

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I can't imagine why any grandparent would want to be called by their first names.

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Re: Grandma and Grandpa

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Awe That's a tough one.

I'm not sure how  old the younger ones are but what if, the next time they refer to you by your first name, you give them a squeeze and say something like, "Silly girl.  You know I waited a long time to be your grandma and I am so happy you are my granddaughter.  How about you call me Grandma Joan (fill in your name lol) so the world will know you are my special person?  Deal?  Seal it with a pinkie swear and share the name change with her folks in her presence. Good luck!!




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@Newgate      1.  I am speechless     


2.   The "other" grandparents are very strange people.    Maybe they don't want to feel "old enough" to have grandchildren (???)


Me....I would have NEVER even thought of calling my beloved grandparents by their first names....not EVER!!!!     di

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If I was lucky enough to have grandchildren,  I really wouldn't be bothered by that.

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I have three grandchildren, my husband is  Pop Pop and I am Grandma or Grammy...changes depending on what they want.


I wouldn't want to be called by my first name.


My daughter called my husband's father Pop Pop whiskey and my father Pop Pop beer.  Now, that turned heads.  Yeah, it's a long story.


I would correct the grands every time they used my first names to use Grandma Beth and Grandpa Joe or whatever your name is every time.


Sooner or later they are bound to catch on.

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Re: Grandma and Grandpa

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I too would suggest the grandchildren at least put Mimi and Papa (or whatever you like) before the first names.  Just be honest with the grands about how much you love being their grandparents and how meaningful that name is to you.

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@Newgate   We have four grandchildren and they all refer to my husband and I with the same names.


Their other sets of grandparents are called something different.


Just keep pointing out to them what you want to be referred to and they should do so relatively quickly.


Don't give up.

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