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We had a really bad weekend here in north Mississippi.  The weather was really bad and lots of lives were lost during the inclement storms.   I am grateful and thankful just to be among the living!   When you have been tossed and or twisted in the wind you have a new appreciation for life and family.  They are already posting severe weather alerts for this Friday also.......Take care and do not take little things for granted.

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Saying prayers for you all.

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@Boomernichols I am so sorry you have had this experience.  We were looking at a home in Olive Branch recently and wondering how they made out in this fierce weather.  Stay safe and I hope Friday is kind to you!

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Every time II hear of horrible weather throughout the states I feel so sorry for the lost lives and the families left without anything.  This is another tragedy among many , nature can be devastating.  I hope the people get the help they need and in time rebuild their lives.

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No photo description available.

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I love Mississippi and my heart breaks for all those impacted by these horrible tornadoes. I am so very sorry for all the precious lives lost. Glad you weathered the storm, @Boomernichols. I pray this weekend's weather will not be so bad and brighter days will soon follow.


I Mississippi.

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@Boomernichols .  Thank you for the sometimes forgotten message of not to take little things for granted. Smiley Happy  Gratitude is a big healer.


You take care and hopefully the weather will pass and all will be ok.

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Oh I was so scared for the good people in Mississippi when the storms were happening, and am glad you made it through. Woman Happy


I watched the Weather Channel and livestormchasing dot com throughout the outbreak and it was really scary. Lots of prayers were said for you all!


The storm chasers are too brave for my nerves when they try and intercept the tornadoes. We've been through a couple of tornadoes when we lived in Ohio, and quite a few hurricanes since here in Florida, and there's no way I'm going out chasing either one Woman Tongue


I hope you stay out of anything bad coming on Friday! Just know I'll be watching and praying for everyone if it heads that way again.

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@Boomernichols   So happy you're Ok and please stay safe...Prayers to your friends and family. 

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Boomernichols, my dh & I have been praying for all of you in such a dangerous situation.  We had a very good friend whom always prayed for the "little things" in life.  Such a wonderful person he & his wife were.  Miss them everyday.