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We had lunch today with 2 other couples we have known for many years!  The subject of soulmates came up and we had a interesting conversation!  We have all been happily married for many years and have grown children!  Some of us felt we had married our soulmate, some did not!  Comparing each others experiences and why we thought we were or were not was quite entertaining!!   I think it is a fascinating subject!!   Do you believe in soulmates?Woman Happy

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Big fat NO.

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I think it's a romantic term.  Some people fall deeply in love and have wonderful relationships more than once.  That being said, I would say soulmates exist for those fortunate enough to have experienced it.  For the rest of us, we see those soulmate couples and dream it was us.

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absolutely.  that does not mean we end up with them though.

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Absolutely. I think we can love more than one partner and have a good life with them. But I do think there is the one special person we're meant to go through time with. Some of us are fortunate to find them. Some are not.

I am one of the lucky ones.  No doubt I found my soulmate in this crazy world.




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Yes!!  Before I met mine over 30 years ago I would have said a huge NO!!  I used to laugh at those saying they found their "soulmate" but I get it now.  I also have heard some who are happily married now say an ex was and always will be their soulmate.

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I think "soulmate" means different things to different people.  I also think some might pine for someone they thought was a soulmate and not appreciate what they have now.  Sometimes what you think you need or even want is different from what you really want/need.

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Maybe I would believe if I had met mine.  Time is running out so probably not going to meet him.  No one I have married could qualify as soulmate.