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Love! Amazon Prime. Expedited shipping (free) special kosher treat for my beloved Father (94) he will receive today instead two days. CS upgraded without my asking. Thought! Special nice gesture. Thanks Amazon! 🙋‍♀️

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I don’t have Amazon Prime but I placed an order on Friday night and it was delivered on Sunday evening. Amazed that  processing and shipping took less than 48 hours. Way to go Amazon. If only the Q,s delivery was that quick. 

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Dad is feeling saddened by President Bush's passing. Both serving in WW2. 

Sweet treat, Should help. Hopefully take his mind off the passing. 

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I ordered a Wedding Countdown clock from them and was setting it up before I gifted it.


The year button - both current and future wasn't working.


I printed the return label, took it to Staples to send back and once Staples had scanned the code on the label, I had my refund back from Amazon.


I was amazed because technically they didn't have to give me my refund until they received the clock back.

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No, I do not have prime from amazon as yet. It is something to think about since I order quite often . It just does not appeal to me that I have to pay to get shipping and handling for free. Woman Surprised

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Prime is more than shipping. Love! Amazon Shows. Worth every penny!

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Re: Amazon. There are few items I can’t find there at the same or better price from cosmetics, books, clothing, electronics, dog food.....Prime provides fast, free shipping. It makes it difficult to justify shopping elsewhere. 


I do like to support my local smaller Mom & Pop stores even if I pay a little more. 

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Certainly agree with supporting local communities. Coming from a family history in which my Great Grandfather- Russian immigrate learned early on. 


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Love Prime also, great cs.

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Wow that's pretty good. I'm lucky if my prime packages make it on time. Seems like stuff that travels out of Connecticut gets delayed. Last one stopped in MA on the way to NY then went back to Connecticut.