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#1, #4, #5 ...#1 over my lifetime seems to be the biggest annoyance but I've just chalked it up to thinking about too many things rather than concentrate.  #4 & 5 were great fun for a curious kid!

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One of them?  No, I have done ALL of them.  Number 1 ~ just about every day lately. lol

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Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've done all of that.  The big one for me has been walking into another room of my house and, by the time I get there, forgetting what I was supposed to be doing/getting.


More often than not, it takes a few times.   Frustrating when you're on your second or third trek into the other room and STILL forget what you were supposed to get.  You go back, re-evaluate, remember the thing, then go again and still forget.  D'oh!   Getting old sure is weird!   Smiley Frustrated

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I do the first one several times a day...

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I’m guilty of all of them. 

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@Vivian Florimond wrote:

The older I become, the more #1 defines me.

@Vivian Florimond 

Right there with you. 😉