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Also a huge fan of adam's ever since day one when he was on AIHeart


He is so talented and love to hear anything he singsHeart

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@Rose429 wrote:

I just saw Adam Lambert performing at the Kennedy Center honors a few years ago. ( I know, late to the party) He sang "Believe" to honor Cher. I watched it on U tube. It was really beautiful.  Wondered if anyone else caught it. 


I saw his performance of Believe too and it was phenomenal. I usually do not like remakes better than the original artist, hard to believe he could improve Cher's version but he did. I recently downloaded his cover of it off iTunes.

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@Rose429 wrote:

@Bri369 seeing him with Queen or in concert by himself is in my bucket list

I've seen him as a solo performer and with Queen.  He never disappoints.


The best thing that could have happened to Adam Lambert's career was not win AI.  The same could be said for Jennifer Hudson.

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@Rose429 ..Oh, my goodness, I haven't seen or heard  his name in years.  I'll have to check out You Tube and listen to some of his songs, he certainly had a beautiful singing voice.

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Re: Adam Lambert

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Adam's voice and talent are amazing. Full stop.Heart

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@candys mine wrote:

@Diva on The Q  Kind of glad he wasn't.  I think if he'd won he would have been locked into contracts that fettered his talant.  He got Great national exposure on AI.  Everyone saw him on AI Everyone loved him. He made it to the final and luckily in the end He was Free to do what he wanted.  The absolute Best ending he could have hoped for imo.


@candys mine: I agree with you. Even though I wanted him to win American Idol, he certainly has done quite well for himself. 

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Thanks for posting.  I hadn't watched it in a while.  He is so freaking amazing.  Nobody can do the vocal gymnastics that he can do, except Freddie Mercury.  And Adam is so gorgeous.  Those Elizabeth Taylor Violet Blue eyes are just mesmerizing.

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@PeggyWL wrote:

Kris Allen won.   Which proves the point that in most cases, they are better off NOT winning with the exception of Kelly Clarkson and  Carrie Underwood.


Haven't heard alot about CU lately.

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@Rose429 wrote:

@Bri369 seeing him with Queen or in concert by himself is in my bucket list

If you want to see him with Queen, you better hurry!  Those guys (except one, I think) are in their 70s now!  I'd love to go to one of his concerts too!  Big fan here.  I quit watching American Idol the night Adam lost to "that other guy"...whoever he was.

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