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I just saw Adam Lambert performing at the Kennedy Center honors a few years ago. ( I know, late to the party) He sang "Believe" to honor Cher. I watched it on U tube. It was really beautiful.  Wondered if anyone else caught it. 

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Yes.  I've seen it a few times on Youtube.  His rendition is absolutely beautiful.  

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It was the talk of the town for the night of the performance.  Yes, of course I watched!


I have also seen Adam Lambert live as the Queen frontman in concert. 


I have been a fan ever since he was discovered on American Idol.

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Adam Lambert = phenom

unstoppable talent

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Phenomenal entertainer! I always felt he should have been the winner on American Idol.

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@Diva on The Q  Kind of glad he wasn't.  I think if he'd won he would have been locked into contracts that fettered his talant.  He got Great national exposure on AI.  Everyone saw him on AI Everyone loved him. He made it to the final and luckily in the end He was Free to do what he wanted.  The absolute Best ending he could have hoped for imo.

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Re: Adam Lambert

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@candys mine   I find it weird that AI winners rarely make it big...except a few. The runner ups tend to have a bigger career. Look Kelly Clarkson, the country singer: talk show, judge The Voice and Jennifer Hudson, etc. I rarely hear about the winners. 

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I love Adam Lambert.  


We had tickets to see his show last year in Vegas at the Venetian.  I was so bummed we didn't get to go.  


One day, I will see him perform live.  His voice is amazing. 

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Absolutely beautiful! Have listened to it multiple times over the years...his voice is amazing! 

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Adam is an awesome entertainer.  His vocal range is amazing and he is the best in the business.  I wanted him to win AI, he was the most talented in the competition.  However, he has gone further in his career than AI could ever have taken him.  I think the show realized that at the time.  BTW, who was the winner that year?

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