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I had such a surprise Sat,my eyes teared up.I went to my nail salon for a gel polish change, and the owner came over to me and said,"THIS NAIL POLISH CHANGE IS ON ME"My mouth dropped open.She preceded to tell me,she knew I had been off awhile,and wanted to help me out.QFriends,it goes to say there are good ppl in this big world.I plan on making cookies to bring for the salon.I tipped 10.00 to nail tech,and she insisted it was her treat also.KINDNESS,WHAT A WONDERFUL THING

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Thanks for sharing that encounter.


Every once-in-a-while, with all the negative news we hear, it's refreshing to hear about a kindness like you describe.


I hope you enjoyed your visit to the salon.

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Very nice indeed.

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So nice to read your post!


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Now it is your turn to pay it forward. 

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Touche !
That's exactly 💯, what I believe!
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@Luvsmyfam  That was very kind of her and I can see it made your day Smiley Happy