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Besides my tooth falling out and a root canal, peg and temporary tooth (front one no less) on Mother's Day wouldn't be enough, DH had surgery scheduled for yesterday.


He has had a really huge vein on the back of his thigh that needed to be removed. The hospital is under construction but he was able to walk from the parking lot to the hospital (huge UNC Hospital complex). The transport "train" was not working, horrendous traffic at 6AM, so really long walk across the bridge to building.


His surgery was long. The small waiting room was very crowded, so I wore my mask for 5 1/2 hrs. Sign on the wall said no eating or drinking and couldn't go to cafe since loaded down with my tote bag of reading materials and they gave me his bag of clothing to carry around. They usually put it under the bed. 


Of course, the hospitals are short staffed and he waited in "pre-procedure" until he almost missed the 10AM surgery since needed IV, hooking up to monitors, etc. They called me back when he was undressed and after an hour w/ no attention, I started raising h*ll, (but lady like. Smiley Happy


He came through the surgery fine, thanks G*d and his leg is wrapped from ankle to thigh w/ a tight bandage and couldn't walk back to parking garage and no "train". I can't find my

 behind with both hands...sense of direction stinks....always  has. I'm on my own finding my new car that I still never find in a sea of other silver/grey cars on floor 3D. I was in a sweat, but did it! Next hurdle was weaving through the construction and workers flagging the way back to hospital patient pick up.



DH is home and resting kind of comfortably. We have pre-op in an hour and then he wears a "rubber stocking" ankle to thigh...He's worried about sitting at hs desk to work since should be up and walking every hour. 


Getting older is no fun. It crept up on us all at once and I hope all calms down now until dentist again for me at end of June. Two more appts. to get my tooth (peg) checked if healed and second appt. for permenent tooth. Nitrous, here I come again.


****Oh, worst part is beach weekend canceled with the GDs.



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@Shanus, I am so sorry. Completely understand. You did the very best YOU KNEW HOW.!! Hope your husband's recovery is quick. For some reason men" seem''to take a slower recovery. We are here thining of YOU BOTH!! TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!  Sligo

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@Shanus  You definitely have been through your fair share and more.   Just, take a deep breath.  Most is behind you at this point.  Small breaks, just for yourself, will be good for you physically, emotionally and mentally.  Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your husband. 

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@Shanus    Holy Cow -- I thought *I* had a "bad day" with a power and phone outage...


YOU, dear lady, have stepped up to a higher seat in heaven for your perserverance and care for your husband during some very trying circumstances.    Best Wishes to you both for a speedy recovery.    di   

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As others have already said, you had the worst times recently !  They say into each life a little rain must fall but you had a deluge to get through.  Been through similar toting situations: my stuff, his stuff and the plastic bag of clothing and shoes !   ( At least the dedicated waiting area had its own coffee bar, snacks, etc for the family member. )


And, you more than survived !  Calls for a celebration...



PS:  So you can find your new car anywhere, anytime, use your cell phone to take pictures of wall markings or numbered light fixtures....even the elevator bank you used.  It will free up space in memory for more important things and give you peace of mind ( make sure though that you start off with a well-charged phone ).


PPS:  Could some of the reading materials be downloaded to an iPad ? Lighten the load ?

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Oh my goodness!  What a terrible chain of events added to the concern that always accompanies surgery; then your dental issue.  I am so thankful everything worked out ok.  

Please take care of yourselves!

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@Shanus , I agree that this getting old is no fun. Glad that your husband is done with surgery and hope he's better in no time. The tooth thing is a real bummer. Sorry your Memorial weekend got messed up. Anyhow, you guys take care.

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Omigosh, what an ordeal @Shanus! How are you and the patient doing this morning? I understand when updates need to be done to a hospital but not at the expense of patient care and experience, I'm so sorry that they did not have a better plan in place to assist you-the added stress isn't good for anyone involved. (Including their staff). Does your phone have a find my car app? My oldtimer trick of tying something to the radio antenna no longer works since antennas have all but disappeared.


I hope you can relax for your holiday weekend. I agree with you about getting older, it is not for the weak. My mom used to always say that the golden years were covered in rust...I now understand that. Take good care and know that you have a lot of friends with you in spirit.

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Hopefully, things will go more smoothly for you. The short stay they allow for significant surgery is unsettling. As for construction, we had the exact experience with my husband last year. There was no close parking even for handicap.


The high cost of hospitalization is funding new construction that never seems to stop. They are tearing down buildings to construct new ones. A major corporation based in another state owns our hospital.


I hope your tooth issue gets resolved easily. I told my dentist a few years ago that I had outlived my teeth. I grind them and one break was so bad they had to remove the tooth. They were able to repair the second one. All of this damage is done while sleeping in a mouth guard.

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@Shanus ,

Yes getting older can be COMPLICATED.

I feel for you and your hubby. We too have been going through a very difficult period....I can hear my dear Mom saying ..this too shall pass. 

I sure hope so.

Life is a Roller Coaster for sure. Here's to better days ahead.