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Re: Honora Sept TSV

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Thanks for sharing the TSV info! I got the natural color keshi necklace and bracelet that are similar in appearance to the Ming pearls but less costly. I love the natural pink color, and that golden sheen is gorgeous. I also love the black graduated keshi necklace, with the organic, natural look of the natural pearl shapes and their luster is heavenly! I wish that Honora would offer more keshi colors that are rich and gorgeous for Fall, like Merlot, Evergreen, Chocolate, Dark Plum (purple), etc. Classic black and white are fine, but in seasons like Fall/Winter, you need rich colors to bo... Continue Reading


Re: Private Reserve SS 17mm Coin pearl & leather bracelet on clearance just reduced further + free S/H!

In Honora 1409186899.3

So, I was noticing that HOnora has a clearance price on J277877, their bronze 3-coin pearl 8" bracelet from Italy for $94 and 5 easy payments. I know that's more than the leather but you get 3 giant coin pearls and a lobster claw clasp so it looks gorgeous and I wonder if anyone else has this and loves it enough to recommend. Up until now, I've only purchased the black ringed pearls with the Italian Bronze in Honora, but I've been pleasantly surprised with how nice that looks. Since those purchases, I see mostly white Honora pearls with the bronze, which seems a shame to me, since black, c... Continue Reading



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Hey all! I went to my local BBB store and found out that the Honora Pearls are only available through them online! No pears in the brick and mortar BBBs, so it kind of makes some sort of sense -- I mean Brides registering and shopping online need bridesmaid gifts and they can take care of all in one pass, so it's convenient. These days, convenience and top of mind go hand in hand I guess. I don't fault the marketing crew at Honora -- they're just trying to come up with ways to reach their target audience. I almost wish there were more brick and mortar outlets from which to purchase my Ho... Continue Reading


Honora Sept TSV

Last Reply by greek21 1414169556.917 | Started by AECMOM in Honora

Anyone know what's coming up for the Sept 11 Honora TSV? I hope Honora will have some rich new fall colors and combos and at least a few really good deals! Pearl prices are supposed to be higher, but I am counting on Joel and Ralph to have stashed away some great deals they can pass along to their QVC loyal customers for fall and Holiday shopping! Please keep those gorgeous pearls and great values coming -- love the Italian Honora design and manufacturing collaborations and love the Abalone/Pearl combos. Thank you Honora for giving me something truly beautiful to brighten my days! Continue Reading


Re: Honora Pearl Harvest

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I was a bit shocked to see that J157642 sets 4 pairs of stud earrings are "not available at this time"! I remember Joel saying for the past few months that pearl prices are coming in much higher this year, so I am afraid that their price points may really jump, compared to what we grew used to during the last several years. Much of what I've seen new on Q for Honora is well over a hundred dollars and this will definitely affect my purchasing ability. I am hopeful that Joel and Ralph will continue to make "affordable" a priority for us. I will watch regardless, because I enjoy hearing abou... Continue Reading


Re: What's good for spots on the hands??

In Beauty Banter 1391563140.74

FYI, Joan Rivers used to sell a hand cream treatment that she said she uses daily to prevent age spots on her hands, and her hands looked porcelain flawless. Don't know if the Q still sells it, but I believe the product got good reviews... try Joan Rivers hand cream in the search window. I have a few age spots on my hands too, or "freckles" as my mom prefers to call them! Good luck! Continue Reading


Re: Mary Beth's Menu - What Is Your Favorite Winter Memory As A Child?

In Kitchen & Food Talk, Hosts & Personalities, Cookie Exchange 1386962283.73

Hi Mary Beth! Though your post here was nearly a month ago, I hope you get to read this! That memorable snow storm you are referring to instantly made me remember what I think may be the SAME snow storm in 1967 -- I was about 7 years old (and I'm same age as you)! I live in suburban Chicago, but I'm betting this storm you had reached us within a day or two -- we got about 29 inches of snow and my dad helped my sister and I build an igloo in our front yard too -- I have a photo of us perched on top of it! It was indeed a kid magnet for the entire neighborhood of our friends, who all came ov... Continue Reading


Re: Senior Mom Blog - Homecoming

In Hosts & Personalities, Among Friends, Mom to Mom Blogs 1384287979.05

Hi Pat! I'm going through my youngest son's senior year too. Everything that happens is the "last time" we will experience high school events with our children, so it's all very bitterweet. Tim had his last Golf season this fall, last Homecoming Dance, and now college visits & applications. Letting go has been a gradual process and one that leaves me wondering how I will fill up my life with 3 grown kids away at school. All these years I've worked part-time from home and raised my kids as a full-time mom. My degree is 30+ years old, and I will have to re-invent myself and anticipate... Continue Reading


Re: J157642 Honora new colors

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Thanks Jetts mom, I was wondering about the modern colors myself. I previously bought the other two sets for my daughter and a Classics set for me. They are perfect size pearl and backings. I will have to consider Wait List for this new color set! Hope they become available by Honora's next show on Nov. 22! I was sad to hear Honora NYC store is closing. I would have loved to travel there just once to see all those pearls in one place! Maybe when the store closes, Joel and Ralph could send all of the store's inventory for a special Honora Event on QVC -- kind of a last hurrah with speci... Continue Reading


Re: Teenage girls accepting themselves, self esteem and body image

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I am only 5'2" -- same as I was as a teenager, and always wished I were taller. My 2 best friends were 5'10" and 6'0" in 8th grade! My daughter, now 24, is about 5'6" (her 2 brothers are about 6'). Throughout her childhood, I never emphasized weight or height, only being fit and healthy. Now, as a 6-year thyroid cancer survivor myself, I truly know that's all that really matters. What others comment (or question) should be viewed as unimportant, compared to the love and support of your daughter's family and her true friends. She will no doubt have a very healthy and successful life, des... Continue Reading

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