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Re: Boneless ribs, any reviews??

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I saw this on Shark Tank and was tempted. It did not seem overcooked and he had a couple of patents to back up his claims. It is worth a try. Continue Reading


Re: "Tip the crummy waiter" ..really Sharon??

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I think everyone has had a bad experience at a restaurant. Sometimes it isn't the fault of the waiter. Once we were seated at a restaurant and had a really bad experience with a hostess. We were given the check early -- to save time later. At the end of the meal when I was eating my dessert, I was told they needed my table and I could either take my dessert to go or finish at the bar. Needless to say I left. BUT had I had a chance to leave a smaller tip -- I would have left a smaller stating it was the hostess who basically made the meal miserable. The funny thing is I check YELP when I... Continue Reading


Re: "Tip the crummy waiter" ..really Sharon??

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Could it be that she was referring to the tip jar? I do tip... but I resent feeling obligated to leave a tip for service that I pay for and they get paid to perform. When I go into McDonalds, wait in line, order my food and receive my food -- I DONT TIP. I dont know why in Coffee shops where I am doing the same thing I am expected to tip. They are even ammended the app to accommodate tips. Also when I went to a restaurant where the serve take out they had a huge sign that said tips welcome! For what? I phoned in my order and was just picking it up. I believe in in tipping where tippi... Continue Reading


Re: How Cute is Alberti With Laura Geller?

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He was good presenting Quaker Factory as well. I think they pick vendors that are real pros to work with. But he made it work... Continue Reading


Re: Survivor 3/19 - Spoilers

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Jefra? I would get rid of Trish! The truth is or not you like Cliff, and I do, TJ had the Immunity Idol. So he would have gone anyway. But I agree, they should have targeted someone who did not contribute to the tribe as far as challenges go. IDK It seems that they are looking at the bigger picture and not worrying about how to get there. Continue Reading


Re: True Detective ? Ending

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The guy in the house was the Father (Tuttle), who raped Errol (lawn mower guy) and his half sister. The woman was Errol's half sister. The Preacher Matthew visited has deeply involved in the case, but presumably died. Matthew became obsessed with the case because he had he didnt care if lived or died because of the 'darkness' that surrounded him since his daughter died. At the end of the show he told Woody that darkness was lifting. I thought the scenes in the hospital were good... Woody able to reconcile with his estranged family. And then recovering enough to visit Matthew in the hospi... Continue Reading


Re: Corned Spareribs

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I love country rib and I love corned beef! Thanks for posting Continue Reading


Re: christmas delivery not guaranteed as advertised

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yup! I read the same article. I find that Amazon is pretty good. AND some things come faster than promised. It depends on where the warehouse is. I have had problems with UPS not even attempting to deliver the package even though i was home. Guarantees are only as good as the ppl delivering it and then have no control over UPS! Continue Reading


Re: San Francisco Bay for Keurig at Costco

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I get mine from Amazon. Been on subscribe and save for a couple of years. I pay 36 cups for ~$14.00. It comes once a month. Continue Reading


Re: Dolce Gusto?

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I have been served a cup while at Sur La Table! If DH loves espresso he will love it. It serves a real espresso. Continue Reading

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