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Miracle Worker Foundation

I went into Ulta yesterday to buy OPI and somehow ended up with this! The Philosophy rep was there, and she asked me if I'd ever tried it. I proceeded to name my favorites, and she said they had a really good foundation. So I decided to go for it. She brought Shade 4. I told her that was probably going to be too dark, but it wasn't at all. I really like the way it feels! So now I have another foundation to add to my "collection"! And they were out of the OPI color I wanted! 


Does anyone use and love this foundation? Smiley Happy

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Re: Miracle Worker Foundation

I really like it too.  It is a good coverage foundation.  I also like the Hope In A Jar Foundation.  It is less coverage, but it gives a nice glow.  Since I am in between two shades (5 and 6)  I buy one of these in 5 and one in a 6 and mix them.  It makes a nice  daily foundation for me.