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I have so many shadows and am not sure what combos would work. I figured this would be a great place to post and see how others use the shadows.  I have brown eyes and really can't wear anything with too much red or orange.  My favorites are celestine, Queen Tiffany and moss.


I also have been buying up a ton of kits and wouldn't mind ditching a few to make room for more.Smiley Happy


North Beach

Crushed Copper

10 Carat

Crown Jewel

Pure Elegance

Pure Spice (I really can't get this to work.)




Cable Car


Crystal Clear


Thanks for your creative suggestions.

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Hi, Bronx!


I recommend that you go over to the forums on Mineral Madness and post there.   It is the most active forum discussing Bare Minerals that I know of.  When the boards here changed,  that's where most posters went. 


Good luck and I hope you get answers to your questions. 

Smile, it makes everyone wonder what you're up to!
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Thanks so much.