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Last Nov. I went for my yearly lung scan and though I had quit smoking 10 years ago, a mass was found in my upper left lobe. I was sent for a pet scan 2 weeks later that showed the mass had shrunk some. The next lung scan showed no difference from the pet scan. Tomorrow I go for another  scan. If again there is no change or it has grown, I'll need a biopsy. I'm asking for prayers that this will all turn out okay. Really, I'm very scared. Thanks, to all.

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Here's hoping  and praying all will be well !  Bless You.

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@catter70   Where you having a routine lung scan because you were an ex smoker as they now suggest to do?  Or, were you having symptoms of something going on?  Just curious.


 I am a 32 year  Ex smoker .

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Praying you receive good news from the tests you need to have done.    

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Sending thoughts and prayers.  God bless.

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@catter70, May you be blessed with good results.  You will be in my thoughts.  Please keep us all informed of your progress.

Sending you a hug.

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Good thoughts and prayers coming your way.  Ex smoker also 33 years

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Sending positive thoughts your way!

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Sending good thoughts for a positive outcome