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~ just got back from the Orthopedist ~

Well, I've been to Dr. M and gotten my 5th and final Hyalgen shot. He gave me an Rx for Motrin - 800 mg. 2x a day when I need it. I had told him I was taking Advil - 2 or 4 at a time depending on how much it hurt. He said he'd rather I took Motrin since it's enterically coated and not as apt to mess with the stomach. And, I just bought a whole bottle of Advil gel-caps!

I told him what Dr. R (my therapist) wanted me to ask about .... what was the criteria for a TKR or partial, and I told him why ..... I tend to isolate anyhow and that's basically what I did all winter because of the pain. And, I also told him why I isolate - the depression. He was very sensitive to this, and pulled up my most recent x-rays, studied them, and again showed them to me. He then said, "well, you're there now, but this is totally your choice." The lateral side of the knee is all jagged, the knee cap is getting the same way, and of course the knee spurs. He said to wait awhile and see how the 5th shot does, give them all time to work at full potential, and if they don't do it, come back in and we'll talk about a TKR. He said he doesn't do surgery anymore />, but that 5 of his colleagues are specialists in knee and hip replacement.   So, now we wait and see.  I told him about getting up from a chair or sofa, getting off the toilet, and going up and down steps, and his comment was that if the Hyalgen doesn't work I had to decide when to do it because it would only get worse.    He was very careful about not pushing it.   He said,

So, that's it. Now we wait and see how things go. I'm thankful I live where I do and have good doctors available.