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When Does ProCaps Labs Offer Easy Pay?

I have a potentially large order of Andrew's vitamins to place and was wondering if anyone knew when his site offers easy pay.  A few of the items are not offered on HSN, so I thought I'd buy the whole order directly from him.  I've used easy pay on his site before, but the Monthly Specials are now up, and I don't see easy pay as an option.  I hope he hasn't discontinued it!


Thanks 😊

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Re: When Does ProCaps Labs Offer Easy Pay?

Usually,  only when he is doing an HSN visit does he offer Easy Pay.  Even then, the items on his site that are on Easy Pay are limited to Today's Special, one-time only items, etc.


I cannot remember him doing site-wide Easy Pays.


He does a volume discount type of thing every day.   You get a percentage off based on the number of items in your cart.  As example, five percent off for two items, ten percent for four items, 15 percent for six items, etc.  (This is not necessarily the exact scale, but, when you add an item to your cart,  it will tell you how many items to add to get to the next higher percentage category.)


Also, when there is not an HSN visit happening, the items are usually less expensive on his site than HSN's prices at non-visit times.


Depending on the size of your order, it can add up to pretty decent savings. 


Not always as helpful as Easy Pay, but something. 

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Re: When Does ProCaps Labs Offer Easy Pay?

His products just went on sale at HSN and offer easy pay.

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Re: When Does ProCaps Labs Offer Easy Pay?

Call Pro Caps Lab and ask them.  Phone number is on every bottle.