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Week 16 of the NFL Regular Season!!!

Happy holidays everyone! I'm posting a bit early as I've got to be pretty busy starting tomorrow.

Our first game this week is Houston at Indianapolis on Thursday night. Indy's won their game this year and I expect to see them settle back a bit and give this one to Houston. They really don't want to lose Andrew Luck now after getting so close to him.

Our early games Saturday start with Miami at New England. I don't see Miami winning this game or even being overly competitive. This should be a pretty easy home game for the Patriots.

Saint Louis plays at Pittsburgh. I've got to give this game to Pittsburgh.

Cleveland At Baltimore is next up and this should be a win for Baltimore.

Arizona at Cincinnati might be a decent early game. I think Cincinnati will win, but Arizona could make it interesting.

Minnesota at Washington. I guess I'd have to pick Washington, but neither team is really going anywhere or doing much.

Denver at Buffalo. I've got to go with the Broncos here. They got handled by the Patriots, but most teams get handled by the Patriots.

Oakland at Kansas City. I'm not sure how KC will play this week, but they played very well last week in beating Green Bay. If I was betting, I'd bet they sag a bit this week and Oakland will win, but I could be wrong.

Jacksonville at Tennessee. I expect to see Tennessee bounce back this week.

Tampa Bay at Carolina. I think Cam Newton will pull out the win here. The kid has been a very pleasant surprise this year.

The Giants at the Jets. Two teams coming off bad losses. I'm giving an edge to the Jets here. I'm pretty sure both the Eagles and Cowboys will be sharing info with Rex Ryan on how to beat the Giants. It benefits both of those teams for the Giants to lose, so I'm thinking Rob Ryan and Andy Reid will be offering all kinds of advice and suggestions to Rex Ryan.

The late Saturday games start off with San Diego at Detroit. I have to think San Diego will pull this one out.

Philadelphia at Dallas. I've got the Eagles winning this game. The Cowboys were embarrassed in the earlier game and normally you'd think that would have to Cowboys breathing fire, but the Cowboys don't have to win this game. They can lose this game and beat the Giants next week and be fine. I wouldn't be stunned to see this game get pretty one-sided in the Eagles' favor. I think the Cowboys will be looking past the Eagles to that Giant game the following week.

San Francisco goes to Seattle. I've got to give this game to San Francisco.

The Sunday night game is Chicago at Green Bay. Chicago's got some big problems and Green Bay is likely to want to atone for last week's loss. I'm thinking this will be a big win for Green Bay if the weather is decent.

The Monday night game is Atlanta at New Orleans. I'm giving the edge to New Orleans here. I'm thinking they may be the best team in the NFC right now.

Fly!!! Eagles!!! Fly!!!