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Re: Vaccine shots

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When I got home, right after getting the vaccine (Moderna), I picked up my exercise resistance bands and started working my arms vigorously to get that arm muscle working so it would distribute the vaccine around instead of staying in one spot in the muscle. I did three sets of reps throughout the day and then did the same on the following day. My arm was sore the whole time but I think it would have been worse had I not exercised.

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Re: Vaccine shots

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Well I wasn’t drinking and I wasn’t drugged up.


My laptop has a mind of its own when I’m in my bedroom.


Sorry for the confusion.


I’m like @SeaMaiden  I wouldn’t have even known I got both shots except for he band-aid.


But I did have a small bruise both times.

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@Lipstickdiva wrote:

@Kachina624 wrote:

@Annabellethecat66    Why do you call it "inadequate"? 


I also had the second Moderna vaccine yesterday and have absolutely no reaction, not even a sore arm.  I feel just like I do every other day.   I think reactions are very individualized and just depend on the person.  I suspect some are caused by the power of suggestion. 

@Kachina624 , when did you have it yesterday?  My relative had no reaction until 24 hours after her second Moderna vaccine.  

@Lipstickdiva   I had it at 11am Tuesday and now on Thursday, still feel perfectly normal with no sore arm.  Arm did itch this morning. 

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