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Re: Using Weights As You Get Older (Past 70)




Thank you for sharing your story. You obviously believe in the things you have been, and are doing, help make getting older a much more pleasant experience. These activities don't change a person's whole life, but the rewards are worth the efforts put into them.


A friend I grew up with in public housing is also 83 and I see him at the ice rink usually once a week. Still a very good skater and the other days he goes to the gym to workout. From what he has told me, he goes to the gym at least 4 times a week.


You started exercising before I really got into it. I really got serious about it a few years after you started. I firmly believe that starting at a fairly young age, and sticking with it as much as possible as the years pass, can make the difference in what a person is able to do as the years advance.


I also believe it is never to late to start doing the things you do, if a person is told that their condition allows them to do so, and their doctor(s) give them the ok.


Keep doing the things you enjoy for as long as you are able. Hopefully when I reach 83 I will still be able to do so. My very best to you and yours.





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Re: Using Weights As You Get Older (Past 70)

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Thank you.  I like reading your post.  I hope you and your wife Cindy are in good health, also the fur babies.   

My oldest son will be 60 in Aug and I started with Jack La Lane a week ,after.  My Dad was still using weights sitting in his wheelchair, for arms.  This was while he had cancel on Morphine drip.  We are a family dedicated to exercise.. It,s a good addiction and as you mentioned, as long as you can and with your Dr. Approval.

My Dr. toltold me recently, I would not be as healthy for my age had I not been exercising.  Never to late to start.  I surprise people when they hear my age, because I am told, I don.t look it. I don,t feel it yet.  My kindle won,t let me make corrections, so excuse some of the mistakes.

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Re: Using Weights As You Get Older (Past 70)

@hckynut  Bravo! Very inspirational, thank you.



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Re: Using Weights As You Get Older (Past 70)

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I will be 70  this year and I still use weights along with doing other forms of exercise. I am surprised that he told you to stop. Even though we really can't build much muscle at this age, you don't want to lose what you have. Yoga is awesome for maintaining flexibility but you still need other forms incorcoporated into your fitness plan. I don't lift the amount that I used to but I still give myself a good workout. If start yoga and love your results then stick with it. Maybe you could incorporate some walking also and that will give you the cardio benefit.

That was my thinking too @Tricolor1.  Yoga is great but will it help me maintain my muscles?  Do you mind me asking do you do weights at home or a gym?  If you use hand weights about how much do you lift?

I do my workouts at home and use free weights. They vary from 8-15 pounds. The only time I use the 15 pounds is to do squats. So I am not actually lifting 15 pound weights. As I have aged, I have cut back a little on how much weight I use for shoulders. Biceps I can easily do 10-12 pounds. Shoulders I don't go any higher than 8 pounds. Triceps I use 12 pounds. Hope that helps.