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Re: URETERAL STENTS..Anyone have this procedure?

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Here is where DD and I differ... I am medical and like to know the EXACT location of things.


Her stent was in the ureter.

The surgery was by scope.


She was in PAIN while it was in (2 days). Felt MUCH BETTER once it was out.

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Re: URETERAL STENTS..Anyone have this procedure?

I have had several episodes of kidney stones and while extremely painful, I have passed every one of them.  My first experience was in 2006 and I would get them twice a year but could never catch them. I had a cystoscopy in the urologist's office.  I gave up pop, pushed water but twice a year like clockwork, they reared their ugly heads.  Pain, bloody urine, vomiting and then I would pass the stone.

A little over a year ago I had a CT scan that showed a 5mm. stone because I had bloody urine EVERY day for months.  The urologist said I would NEVER pass this on my own.  I declined the lithotripsy because I have a fear of general anesthesia.

In February, I started having the usual symptoms.  This was the worst yet.  Guess who passed that stone?

Just sharing.

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Re: URETERAL STENTS..Anyone have this procedure?

I am 71 yrs. old, retired RN.  I wass struck with extreme lower back and low abdominal pain with vomiting one night.  Next day in ER, CT scaan showed 4 mm stone.  They gave me 24 hours to pass it with help of copious IV fluids.  No pass.  Next day, had stone removed by cystoscope as it had progressed downward almost into the bladder  A ureteral stent was placed.  The stent was uncomfortable, but not as bad as I had feared.  It was removed 4 days later--by  lab tech!!!  I had no idea that it would not be removed by a professional.  Anyway, no prep in office, she just pulled it out.  Pain was bad, but just for an instant.  I had taken 2 pain pills before leaving home.  I did have some residual frequency and urgency, which I feel was due to urethral stiiulation by the stent string.  One week later, no complaints.  By the way, I am a complete chicken when it comes to pain!!!

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Re: URETERAL STENTS..Anyone have this procedure?

my husband had a ureteral stent inserted recently, during a cystoscopy, due to an impassable 7mm stone..Dr was able to break it up..stent had to stay in place 2 weeks, during that time he constantly “dribbled” urine..the only humor during this was our older son, telling him that it may be time for Depends (weren’t aware that they made men’s styles)..his Dr did remove the stent in the office, only surprise was the length of stent..hopefully, no more stones! 

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My husband had this done as well.   He didn't think it was too bad.  When it was removed I watched it on the monitor.  It looked bad to me.   He finally quit having stones when he had a parathyroid removed.   He passed the 2 with the dime and the other picture is of one that was blasted up to pieces and removed.  This was the 3rd episode of stones for him.kidney stoneskidney stones 2

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Re: URETERAL STENTS..Anyone have this procedure?

Imhave had this procedure done twice, both times under anesthesia.  I never had any pain or any problems while I had it.  I never knew it was even there.  I had a great urologist.