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Tony Little's looks sturdier and I like the Bluetooth.   QVC's offers the seat and the bands, but looks flimsy.  


Would love to try one, but hate the thought of returning it.


The former is sold at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and so I might try purchasing it local.

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I have the Powerfit Elite I got from the Q over a year ago.  Its not curved & didn't come w a seat.  I love it & I'm 71.  If I feel a little tired, using it will wake me up & I use it before I use my glider.  It seems to get the blood flowing!

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I purchased mine from Shop/HQ several months ago and have used it every day since. I simply LOVE it. They call it the Deluxe model, which is very wide, has thermal therapy, goes from l-100. Mine is flat, but Tony showd how the fat moves flat and curved. Well, the flat moves just as hard if you spread your feet. And Tony's towel? I much prefer the stretch bands.

I'm very very happy with mine and consider it one of my best investments. I do squats and all the stretches on it. I have a thick padded chair seat I use to sit on it. Love to sit on it for my back. While sitting on it, I cross my legs Indian style for my hips.

If anyone is on the shelf about it, I would highly highly recommend you get one. Don't get the Q's as it is not wide enough. You'll  never regret it.