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Just a sore arm for about a day ...   important shot to get.

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Thank you to all for your kind comments. I appreciate it.   

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We got it a few years ago , only thing affected was our wallet , it was very expensive and no Medicare coverage back then . 

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I had my 2 Shingrix and both times got a low fever for one day, much better than getting shingles !!!

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I had both shots and both times did not feel good and sore arm.   I have had shingles too but before the shot.   I would do it again but wouldn't like it.  

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@judianne  I almost got the Shingrix vaccines last year but then it was announced that as of Jan. 1 this year there would be no co-pay. Glad I waited.

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I had them last year. First shot my arm was sore and felt a bit like the flu. The second shot I had a headache that would not go away. I slept alot because my headache. The next day I was fine. 

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I had my first Shingrex shot a couple of months ago and will be getting the second next month.  The first night I had chills for several hours and my arm was sore for a few days afterwards.  That's it.


Cost was completely covered by Medicare Part D.

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I got the old vaccine for shingles about 10 years ago and don't remember any reaction last year after getting the shingrix vaccine I was pretty tired for a day or two after.


My husband got shingles years ago so I have stayed on top of the vaccine, shingles was no picnic.

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I did have a reaction-- flu like, as others mentioned-- to the first shot.  When I got the 2nd, I didn't have a reaction.  


I definitely think it was worth it.  If you have ever seen a bad shingles breakout, this little passing flu was nothing.