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No, I’m not interested. It isn’t healthy in my book.

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I've always stayed away from the center aisles in grocery stores and shopped the outer circle where dairy, produce, etc. are. The middle aisles have factory-made fake "food" that's only made to 

fatten us up, rot our teeth and give us illnesses.


All the additives, preservatives and chemicals are truly scary as to what they are doing to the human body.


I did read many years ago that in certain foods were better eaten together as they formed a "complete protein" (such as rice with beans).



Back story....the ‘Complete Protein’ myth was started by the author,

Frances Moore Lappé when she wrote, Diet for a Small Planet, in the 70s.

She has personally debunked herself (!), but this is a myth that just

won’t die!  If one is consuming enough calories, protein is not a worry.


I remember when brown rice was edgy! I remember drinking soy milk made with powder (before the Tetra Pak was introduced)...and remember when Gardenburgers were rolled out. So many innovations! 


Not eating anything with a face....true. It’s stunning to see the normal, natural life of an animal versus the manufactured life of an animal. So abbreviated, it’s disheartening.




That's right! I read that book along with Silent Spring  and others.


The book that truly impacted me and is still relevant  today is :


The Jungle.


Its a tell all book about the meat processing industry.

the author is ....Sinclair Lewis...or Upton Sinclair.....


That book is the reason I became a vegetarian, although I already was inclined that way.