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Had surgery this morning and am home.  Nerve block still working but I am hoping when it wears off it won't be too bad.. I've had both shoulders replaced in the past (I'm OLD)  and they wereen't bad but I"ve heard that TKR is much more difficult because PT starts within 3 days in order to get range of motion going. 

My son and his wife will be helping me through this process because my husband passed from cancer last year and I know I'm so fortunate to have them with me.  They were a major help the last few months with my husband's care. 

Getting old isn't easy but it sure hellps when you have people like them in your corner.  

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So sorry about your husband but its nice you have family that can help.  Hope you heal quickly.

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@evergreen.  I hope you have plenty of ice on standby,  don't hesitate to take pain meds, especially before PT.   Take it easy and don't overdo it.


Th3 only time I had severe pain was about 2 weeks after surgery when I decided to take a tour through TJ Maxx.  Awoke the next morning feeling like there was a blowtorch on my knee.  Worst pain of my life.


Don't do what I did.

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@evergreen Yay! So glad that things went well, and that you are NOT having pain currently!!!😊 It is so important to take your pain medication for the first few days around the clock as ordered; whether or not you are having pain! If you do not have the ice machine recommended for TKR's as  @Kachina said, have plenty of ice at the ready! It will be your best friend, ESPECIALLY following physical therapy!👍👍


I am sending prayers of COMFORT and healing this evening, and for a SPEEDY, uneventful recovery!🙏🙏 You have your forum friends here to "lend an ear", or offer emotional encouragement and support! I am rooting for you!!!🥰


~~~All we need is LOVE💖

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@evergreen     I'm so sorry to hear about your husband.❤️.  I'm glad your surgery went well.  I hope the pain won't be too bad and you heal quickly.  I'll say a prayer for you.💝💕

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@evergreen I am wishing you a speedy recovery from your procedure. Having your son and his wife there with you has to be comforting. I was sorry to hear about your husband. Your QVC friends are wishing you all the best. Take care.

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I had TKR 5 years ago and to be honest I think I had more pain with hip replacement.  That nerve block really helped me.  Good luck and keep it iced a lot.

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Hope you have a pain free experience like I did.  I had a nerve block and I was fortunate that it lasted for 2 to 3 days which got me past the hard part.  I had Tylenol with Codeine which I only needed for a couple of days.  My doc told me to take regular Tylenol along with Motrin an hour before my PT.  I was able to participate fully with no pain.  Wishing you all the best.






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Best wishes for a speedy recovery. It's great that you have family to help and my deepest sympathy for the lost of your husband. Pain meds and PT will surely help improve your range of motion

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@evergreen   Sending prayers and good thoughts for your speedy recovery.