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Re: Supplement Advice for Treating Arthritis

I have arthritis in my back and knees.  I've tried turmeric, tart cherry juice and glucosamine/chondroitin.  I tried the turmeric and tart cherry juice together for 90 days and the glucosamine/chondroitin for a lot longer than that.  None of these supplements helped me at all.  Right now I'm taking something else that was recommended on these boards, but I don't remember the name of it.  I've taken it for a couple of months, and when I run out I won't buy it again because it hasn't helped.


I've gotten cortisone shots in my knees that have helped a lot.  They only last me a little over a month, though, so it's not worth it to continue with them.  I take Tylenol Arthritis.  It helps some but not very much.  I wish there was something that really worked.

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Re: Supplement Advice for Treating Arthritis

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 i've tried quite a few and haven't really found anything that seems to really work.  Anyone have any success with anything; and if so, please share.


@patticakes...I have arthritis in my spine, I do not have a lot of  pain but I am stiff and sore in the morning and if I turn over in the night it hurts...I have been eating 9 gin soaked raisins every morning for about 1.5 weeks and I swear I am not near as stiff in the morning as I have been before starting the 'remedy'.

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Re: Supplement Advice for Treating Arthritis

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Don't personally have arthritis, but know of countless people

who have overcome the pain & debilitation of arthristis

by just altering their food...i.e. Changing the diet.


Low Fat (no added oils), whole foods (no prepackaged foods),

plant-based diet (no animal products, dairy, eggs).

Naturally reduce the inflammation.

You are so right, I have R.A. it was really bad, did many drugs and trial drugs for a while. I have been experimenting with my diet. I have been a vegetarian for over 40 years but ate dairy and sweets.  I I stopped dairy and sweets and am only on aleve when needed. I feel really good ! I do cheat occasionally,  but not often. No flare-ups. I lost 10 # and fit in my old clothes again. It is hard sometimes,  but after the first 2 weeks it gets easier. Lots of salads, pasta, baked potatoes, even french fries. I read all labels, and look for products with few ingredients. I snack on air popcorn, strawberries, oranges. I have so much more energy and walk much more.

I love this site below for information.

Foods high in potassium will alleviate the inflammation...taters & greens, my favorite!  


I practice what I preach...after eating 2lb of hash browns for lunch (no oil, crispy in my George Foreman), I'm snacking on baby greens & Halos!  So easy...and no inflammation.




Thanks for info !

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Re: Supplement Advice for Treating Arthritis

@Nicknack  Have you seen a rheumatologist?  I made a beeline to one with my first twinge years ago and have been under treatment ever since.  They can prescribe drugs and therapy that are worlds more effective than something like Tylenol for Arthritis (which doesn't make a dent in my pain).  You shouldn't have to suffer great discomfort as long as there are things available to help you.  Those cortisone shots are effective temporarily the first few times you get them, then they're useless.  Maybe it's time to talk about a knee Replacement? 

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Re: Supplement Advice for Treating Arthritis

The Osteobiflex triple strength really helped me. In just 7 days my pain was almost gone and within 2 weeks I hardly have pain in my knee anymore. My husband has also been on the Osteobiflex for 2 weeks and it has made a big difference in his knee pain.

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Re: Supplement Advice for Treating Arthritis

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I highly recommend starting with cleaning up what you eat before supplementing. You might find you don't even need to supplement if you eat healthy food.


Eliminating processed foods, GMOs, chemicals & certain inflammatory foods and chemical additives made a huge difference for me. I completely cut grains, sugars, and dairy, with the exception of ghee and butter from grassfed cows. All beef is 100% grassfed - it is not the problem that grainfed beef can be. 

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Re: Supplement Advice for Treating Arthritis

Bladderwrack...funny name but took out the arthritis pain in my hands the first day, and it hasn't come back.  Under ten dollars, worth a try.  Nature's Way and Solaray are two good brands with the right dose.  Its a sek kelp

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Re: Supplement Advice for Treating Arthritis

I can noticeably see the difference when I have fish at least three times a week.


An old veteran told me once what worked for him was golden raising soaked in a glass of gin every morning. Smiley Happy Never tried it, but I think you might not care as much.