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    Lots of smoothies with delicious things in them. Also scrambled eggs and cheese. Yum! I have to eat soft food much of the time and you get used to it. 

@Ketra  Is it a stomach issue causing you to be on a soft diet? Not being nosy, just never thought about not being able to eat what you want.


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I am having a procedure done in May and have to be on a soft food diet for 4 months.  Can't eat anything I can't cut with a fork.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  4 months is a long time.  UGH.  I've thought of scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, protein shakes, jellow, pudding, soup.  Any other suggestions?  Thanks so much for any advice!!

@demanda I follow a low fiber diet due to radiation damage causing small bowel obstruction, and utilize many soft foods too. It’s sometimes hard to resist falling into too many bad carbs so watch out for that. CHERRY’s list was good. Get really inventive with smoothies. I love tofu for the protein.


At least it’s only 4 months and hopefully you can go back to normal eating then. Yes it seems like a long time but better than forever!


Best luck with the procedure.

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@demanda  Everyone has lots of good suggestions so far.  Try hummus, make cauliflower rice.  Since no nuts, I wonder if you could have creamy peanut butter. 


If you have a vitamix, it would really help to soften even raw vegetables to a consistency that you could eat.  



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Thank you PodyPo and CACableGirl for your suggestions.  LOVE hummus and that did not even occur to me. PodyPo I hope you are doing well.  I'm sorry to hear of your health issues.  All the best to you!