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I have been using a real gym quality bike at home for over 18 years-a Diamondback.  I have worked with physical therapists and rehab docs as a patient.  At this point in my life, I need bilateral total knees, but I have plugged through off and on-depending on swelling. Biking absolutely has helped me with pain and stiffness-as well as helping me control my A1C.  I bought the Smoothxbike for our weekend place because I need to keep moving....I am not totally impressed with this thing.


Yes, it has an adjustable seat, but I have to be very careful when mounting it: the crossbar is high for me: it would not be an issue if I did not have back or knee issues.  If you have those problems and you are short as I am (5'2"), make sure a family member or friend is around to make sure you can get on and off safely.


The built in monitor is not to be trusted and it says so in the manual.


The tension setting leaves a lot to be desired:I was at five already-and I can't say that I would be considered legs don't even feel the way they normally do on the Diamonback. It's a given that within five minutes, I feel a warmth throughout all of my thigh muscles and gluteus-I did not feel that on this bike.... I really thought at it's worst,it was going to be like riding a regular street bike.


It does not have a place for a water bottle: I need to check the site and see if they sell one.


I am keeping it, and I will use it, but if you are expecting the caliber of stationary bike you would find in physical therapy, this isn't it-but if you have no issues with any of the above, party on! We all need to exercise and if this is getting you off the couch and moving, go for it.