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I have sleep apnea and wear a mouth guard at night to keep my lower jaw from relaxing and blocking my airway.

My problem is that this makes my mouth so dry that I'm getting sores in my mouth and on my tongue.

Does anyone else have this problem? What can I do so my mouth doesn't dry out so much??

Thank you

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One product that is being advertised on TV and I use - is Biotene (spelling?) in several options: sprays, etc. Check at your local drug store as there may be other products available. If one doesn't work for you - try another.

Good Luck My cousin uses one of those machines for sleeping but don't know if she also experiences dry mouth. My problem is from medication.

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I am assuming you have had at least 1 sleep study to get this diagnosis. If so has your doctor prescribed a CPAP that uses water to keep your mouth from getting dry. I have had 6 sleep studies done with 3 saying I had sleep apnea and 3 coming back negative for it. I wore a CPAP for about a year and after that time my doctor ordered another sleep study(#6) and it came back negative.

I decided to stick with the negative and got rid of the CPAP with the doctor agreeing with my decision. I tried several different masks until I got the right one for my face. My CPAP unit had the water reservoir which kept my mouth from getting dry.

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Yup, i've had a sleep study. Before the study i would wake up gasping and not breathing a couple of time a night, every night. The study showed i quit breathing over 100 times a night. I had horrible headaches and was horribly, horribly tired during the day. I was starting to have trouble in my job. The mouthpiece has helped a lot, but my mouth is so dry that it even hurts during the day. I'll look for he biotene. Thanks!
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I'm assuming your machine has a humidifier? That provides some moisture. Maybe your nightguard needs adjusting. Worth a try.

I wear a nightguard on the upper teeth because I clench and use a cpap. It made all the difference in my nighttime rest.

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I never knew I had sleep apnea until a friend suggested I might. A sleep study confirmed it. I was prescribed a CPAP machine with humidifier. What a game changer!!! Insurance covers the CPAP and supplies and I can't imagine a night without it.

As a dental hygienist, I've known and prescribed OTC Biotene products for years. They have toothpaste, rinses, gum, lozenges, ointments, but with dry mouth due to sleep apnea gasping, Biotene may not solve the problem. The products will ease your mouth discomfort. The products are found at all drugstores, grocery stores, etc. The packaging is white with blue lettering.