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I told the dr that in my past, the only cough medicine that worked for me was something containing codeine. My ins rep called the dr and said I couldn't afford it and to order something else. She did, and it came back as the same brand, without codeine. My Ins wouldn't pay for that one either. This dr was not my prime dr, but a p.a. from Convenience Care. She didn't care about me at all! All she wanted from me was a positive test result from covid!! I was negative!

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Probably a good idea to check prices with GoodRx vs Single Care.

I get a better price on thyroid medication with GoodRx since Ins won't pay for it.

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My daughter had to get medication and her insurance didn't cover it and the nurse at her doctor's office suggested the Good RX.  She got it for a very good price.  I have been checking out this site and there are several stores that will take the coupon in my area. 

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One medication I take would be - with insurance - around $200 a month.  With my GoodRx card I pay $43 for a three month prescription.  Plus, I had to get insurance preapproval which took months.  With GoodRx no preapproval is necessary.

While I was going over my insurance options this year with my agent I mentioned this savings to him.  He was skeptical but compared some prices.  In fact, he found that my blood pressure med would be less with GoodRx than through my insurance.  Agent was so amazed at some of the savings that he is planning to send an email to his clients to compare their prices.


My Walmart Pharmacy has my GoodRx number on file along with my insurance information.  They automatically check some of my more expensive drugs without me having to ask.  Great service there!

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I have to use Xalatan eyedrops; brand only, not generic, due to allergies with additives in the generics. Each bottle is over $200.00 out of pocket, and the insurance will only pay for generics (just no!). The Good Rx app gave me one price and as soon as I brought the script and coupon to the pharmacy, I was told it was much more than quoted and the online pricing is just an "average". Look on Trust Pilot and you will see that many others complain of the same issue. They're good for some discounts off prescriptions, but its not as good as it seems. 

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I have good insurance but I use Good RX for half of my prescriptions. The $$ saved is amazing. I read that effective Jan 1st 2021 that some prices for drugs are to be reduced from the "favored nation drug price" that Trump negotiated with the various pharma companies.  I have my fingers crossed that I see some discounts on some of my breathing medications. 

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I check Good RX sometimes, but they have never had a better price for my things.  They seem to also offer drugs used in an office/clinic, but my doctors will not accept them.

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@Deb665 My Safeway pharmacy also has my Good RX info on file and like yours, automatically checks their cost against my insurance and supplemental. 

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I have a GoodRX subscription that costs $35 a year. That gives me my asthma meds for free and 50% off my inhaler. I'm very pleased with their service. And my pharmacy delivers for free. I get 90 days at a time.

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@Mellyg wrote:

I've been very pleased with GoodRx. If you are in that predicament again, don't hesitate to ask the Dr if there's a generic or similar RX; or if he has samples or a coupon.

It saved me A LOT on my epi-pen; as I needed it before I met my deductible. 

My husband used GoodRX to renew his epi-pen too. When he found out how much the epi-pen was, he researched the prices. And GoodRX was the best price for epi-pen.