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DH met with the surgeon today and he said the only option for all the problems with his shoulder is to replace it. He said it would take one hour, three weeks in a sling, and 2-3 months of PT. Today he gave DH a cortisone shot that helped the pain for now but the surgery can't be done within three months of the shot. Doesn't this time frame seem short? Most everyone else I have read about said they had much longer recovery time and more time immobilized. He is just trying to figure out how long he can avoid surgery. This was the second dr and he agreed with the first one he saw. DH has no labrum left, rotator tears, and the arthritis is very severe....anyone who is dealing with similar would love to hear your thoughts. 

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Re: Shoulder replacement

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@Duckncover Your poor husband, he must be in terrible pain.  I haven't had shoulder surgery.  My friend had shoulder surgery, not a replacement, and the surgery took almost two hours and she had pain from the surgery for at least four or five months, with PT.


Your husband's doctor said a full shoulder replacement surgery takes about one hour?!  That sounds very wrong, just fr my brothers full knee replacement.  I'd be very concerned about that doctor.  I looked at Johns Hopkins online, it says a shoulder replacement surgery takes about three hours, including anesthesia time.


I never tell a second opinion doctor the name of the first doctor I saw or, what their opinion was, even when they ask!   They are getting paid to provide their opinion, not just to agree with their  friend or colleague. 


Have you researched online for information, the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and other well known teaching hospitals?  Also researched Healthgrades,  Vitals and Ratemd for reviews of local orthopedic doctors? 

I will tell you from my vast orthopedic patient experience that many bad surgeons are better salesmen than they are 'mechanics', your DH needs the best shoulder mechanic he can find.  Bad surgeons usually minimize everything upfront, just so you'll go with them.


Eta- You can also call your local hospital for referrals to a shoulder specialist, ask them who does the MOST full shoulder replacements there.   Good luck to both of you. 



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God Bless your husband. And God Bless you also. 🙏

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I used to work with a guy who had shoulder replacement and he was back on the golf course in about between 2-3 months. He took 4 months off work because he didn't want to return to work (considering where we worked I don't blame him) simply because the doctors let him but he could have returned sooner but didn't want to.

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My husband was getting shots in his shoulder for 1.5 yrs, until it slowly did not work anymore. He had a concrete business for 20yrs. His shoulders were shot!! He was in so much pain, still went to work, etc. I started to do homework on the best Dr. Shoulder in our area, which is Ohio. Dr. Goebezie was the best and people come from all areas. His surgery went very, very well. He was off work for 3 weeks, doing PT at home, then with DRs. OK went back to work, limited restrictions. We were totally amazed how fantastic his surgery and recovery went!!! Besides the surgery, Dr. Goebezie has the best personality, which is truly hard to find nowadays.. .Not many Drs. make such an impression , he did!!! Needless to say, hubby's other shoulder is going, at least I know, how well the outcome will be...... Hope everything works out !!!!

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My dear friend, in her 70s, had a shoulder replacement within the last year, and described it to me as a very easy surgery in that the immediate recovery (about 3 weeks?) is tough because of the splinting, but once that part is behind your husband, the PT, WHICH IS VERY IMPORTANT, becomes very encouraging.


My friend progressed through her therapy feeling better day after day, and has regained close to full use of her shoulder, which she'd badly damaged in a traumatic fall.


Hoping for the very best outcome for your husband.

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@Duckncover I know several who have had shoulder replacements and those that did not have complete replacements took less time for the surgery and less healing time as those who had total shoulder replacements.  Often there is an issue with the bicep which many had which leads to a more complex surgery and heal time. That would be a question for the surgeon. 

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A relative of mine, in mediocre to poor health, in their 80s, has had both shoulders replaced and it went very smoothly, much like your MD has described.


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Thanks for so many well wishes and info. His shoulder feels so much better today due to the shot he got yesterday he seems to think he dodged the bullet on surgery. I think as soon as he picks up the grand babies again he will realize he hasn't. The dr says the replacement will be arthroscopic. I want to seek another opinion so that is my next mission....😎

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@Duckncover A woman I worked w/had this surgery as she was in so much pain & she's so much better after.  She had to do pt which sometimes was very hard but she's so glad she put in the work.  Not sure I understand why you'd want a 3rd opinion?