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hckynut, do you realize your font is HUGE!!! 

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@bonappetit wrote:

hckynut, do you realize your font is HUGE!!! 





Yes. I was using a 4 font for a long time, but recently many of my posts ended up in a 2 or 3 font, which for me is way too small. So I am gonna stick with 5 for now.


I accidentally had a 7 in 1 of my posts, not sure why. Of the 2 options? I was always told "bigger is better" of the 2 options.


Glad you pointed that out as I was going to say something about it, but now I that won't be necessary. Thank you.




hckynut 🏒

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Gathering scare stories from this board is not useful.


I have had many, a MRA every 3 months to track the growth of an aneurysm, several up and down the back/neck, for radioactive tracing, and for stroke care.  They are not so bad.  


Ask for ear plugs, music of your choice, a cloth for your eyes and a heated blanket.  If you wish you can preorder something for nerves, just be sure have a ride home.

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An eye mask worked great for me! It really helps you feel less claustrophobic. A mild sedative would help you too. Wishing you the best of luck!
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Thanks to all for your tips/insight. MRI is Wednesday.Hope everyone is staying safe!  Smiley Happy

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I've had a couple for my upper body including one for shoulder.  I can manage the close quarters so can't relate to true claustrophobia but what you definitely want to ask is if music can be piped in through headphones or just to wear plain headphones as the various sounds of the machine can be intimidating and extremely loud to the point of discomfort. There are sequences of various sounds -- pinging, knocking, buzzing, banging. If they can't provide headphones ask if you can bring your own or else earplugs.  To me that's very necessary. I just close my eyes before going into the machine and keep them closed, relax my body and meditate.  For my second MRI I almost fell asleep.

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I had one on my shoulder on March 30. Instsructions for preparing for the day were provided in advance. I was provided headphones and choice of music. I closed my eyes and relaxed, so I don't even know when I went into the tube. It definitely was less noisy than the one I had several years ago. It lasted about 45 minutes but the technician talked to me at various intervals.


I got the results but because of elective surgeries being postponed until safe to do, I haven't even seen the ortho face to face but his nurse did go over the MRI with me. I had already seen the results on line but she made the results a little clearer.

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I will be honest when I had my first MRI as soon as I was rolled into the machine and opened my eyes I told them to roll me out. They did immediately. The tube was so close to my face I felt I couldn’t breathe. They calmed me down and put glasses on me and rolled me back in. I opened my eyes and the special glasses were mirrored and I could see a picture of a beach instead of the inside of the machine. They told me to think of my next vacation at that beach. They played music and I was good. The next MRI I had I went to a facility that had open MRI machines and had it done there.
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I never got music. The noise is worse than anything.

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Re: Shoulder MRI

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I had a shoulder MRI about 2 years ago.  I had shoulder pain and other issues from what was initially diagnosed as frozen shoulder but he wanted to be sure.  I personally found the MRI to be uncomfortable pain wise but not horrible.  But my arm/shoulder was in a position that made things a little painful.  


I was in a full machine but this was my second MRI inside that machine and it just doesn't bother me at all.  I close my eyes as soon as the bed starts to move into the tube.  I have headphones on with music of my choice and I keep my eyes closed the entire time, until they start moving me back out out.  Even with headphones I can still hear the noise though.  Again, it doesn't bother me.