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Re: Second vaccine

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Had my second Pfizer shot yesterday at 5pm. Today my arm is sore at the injection site. (not the entire arm, just right where the needle went in). Other than that, no issues. I had no pain at all with the first shot. It feels so good to be fully vaccinated. 


I was lucky as I received my vaccine through a local pharmacy. This pharmacy has been featured on local and National News and in People Magazine. (Skippack Pharmacy in Southeast PA). Dr Mak (who owns the pharmacy) grew up/went to school in my area. He actually dresses up in a Superman costume for his vaccine clinics. (we all refer to him as our superhero) In addition to the shots they give out at the pharmacy location, he and his staff do home visits and have held large clinics all over Montgomery County. I was part of the clinics held at a local high school where over 3500 people were vaccinated at each clinic. And they had over 350 people volunteer at these clinics. (so many have volunteered that they have a volunteer waitlist!) They will do more clinics over the next several weeks with their goal of getting everyone vaccines by the end of May.Woman Very Happy

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I believe your 1st post said you got Phizer. If so, my wife and I both were wiped out and slept through most of the day after. Day after that we were just fine, Phizer.




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My second pfizer, I experienced headache and fatigue -- but that could have been spring allergies. No way of knowing.


Daughter & hubs had covid in the fall. Second shots were more intense but didn't last long. 

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