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@Sweet Caroline 1- you might want to try Andrew Lessman's CholestaCare vitamins made from natural plant sterols.  Helps to reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels.  I've been taking for months now.  There are over 800 reviews of this product, 595 are 5 star.  Good luck!

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@felixmom wrote:

Read up on how CoQ10 helps with statin-caused muscle pain. I was on Simvastatin (Zocor) for years and suffered greatly with leg pain. My doctor switched me to Atorvastatin (Lipitor) and I started taking CoQ10 and I have no muscle pain. You could start the CoQ10 on a small dose (100 - 200 mg) and see how you respond. Good luck with it.

    Low dose Lipitor, and CQ10 supplement = no muscle pain for me.

   Like @felixmom suggested, worth a try! 


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My doc put me on statins years ago.  I had problems with one, so she changed it to another.  For 1 1/2 years I had muscle pain that was getting worse, renal changes, and occasionally had some memory problems.  I mentioned it to the doc each visit.  The pain got so bad I couldn't even lift my small purse.  I stopped the statins cold turkey.  Within 3 weeks, I was back to normal, no pain, kidneys better, and a clear mind.  My husband noted the change in me.

I informed my doc at the following visit.  She told me to add ground flax seed to my food.  Not a problem.  I then ordered the Corazones bars from QVC and tried to eat one a day.  The doc was impressed with my cholesterol levels.  I feel better, and my cholesterol is under control without medication.  It worked for me.  I wish you the best.


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I want to thank everyone for answering.  If I keep taking the statin I will be bed ridden.  I'm going to switch to one of the natural treatments and be more careful about reading labels at the grocery.  Then see how my next blood test reads.  Thanks and Blessings to all.... SC  

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Glad to read your response Sweet Charlotte.   I had similar experience and had neuropathy pains too.  I got off it and it took quite a while for the pain to go away.  I'd never go back on them again.

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@PamfromCT wrote:

My DH suffered ill effects from Statin drugs, leaving him with neuropathy in his feet, despite no diabetes.  My DH's PCP recommended he try an over the counter medication produced by Nature Made called CholestOff Complete.  It is important to use the "Complete" version.  The results have been excellent, and DH's cardiologist, who had never heard of this, has been very happy with the results.  He had never heard of this, and he is now recommending this supplement to patients having side effects with Statins.  My DH's blood work continues to be very good.  


I would recommend talking to your doctor about this option.


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 Hello ~Woman HappyHello my dear missing friend since i have not been here Very Often



If you are on line, please let me know how you are doing.


 I had just seen the statin thread, then was reading what I thought to be very interesting because my husband -was- on one, then two.

As with your doctor, I never heard of the [said] mentioned OTC product.


The sore achy muscle syndrome began...he had no idea... I did... so he's totally off of the one that he *thought* was causing aches and stiffness all of a sudden.

  My dad, years ago, had been on 'this' for who knows...countless number of years and developed neuropathy. Living in another state.


What is (always) odd to me, both had low cholesterol {{LDL}}.  ((??))

My husband is almost identical on the same two meals a day, as I am; I do watch my diet food selection very cautiously. 

I certainly have missed you but if you ' had ' written back, for that I apologize. 

ending a Heart to you. 

  Smiley Happy just me,,,


".....gee, it IS good to see you one more time"



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Which Statin do you take???  Lipitor is the worst for having these side effects...

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@highmaintenancejan wrote:

Which Statin do you take???  Lipitor is the worst for having these side effects...








I've been taking Lipitor, or it's generic(Atorvastatin), for 15 years, and have not had any issues enough to bother me. Each person is different, and everyone does not take the same dosage.


In my 72 Cardiac Rehab Classes, many had problems with different Statin Drugs. Some because of a high dosage, others because a particular Statin wasn't right for that particular person.


Lipitor is one of Statins that has been on the market for a long, long time, maybe even the longest. My dosage was small, in comparison to many patients in those Rehab Classes. I take a single 20mg tablet at night. Some were taking up to 80mg per night, and those seemed to be more of the patients with the muscle problems.


This is "my own experience" with Lipitor, and much I learned during those many Rehab Classes after my 2 heart attacks. What works for others sometimes is a "trial and error" by the patient's Cardiologist.




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I have the type of high cholesterol that does not improve with diet.  I reluctantly started taking statins.  Crestor gave me terrible aches and pains.  I changed to Simvistatin  (generic of Zocor) and added CoQ10 and have no problems tolerating it.


My father and brother had heart disease, but always had normal cholesterol.  My mother had vascular dementia and always had very high cholesterol.  For me, my doctor is most concerned with preventing the vascular dementia (if possible).

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@Trudey wrote:

I have the type of high cholesterol that does not improve with diet. 


Have you tried a Low Fat, Whole Foods, Plant Based diet?

I would research the writings of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn.

You will be surprised what can be done when the correct 

nutrition is in place.