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Re: Rosacea and eye problems

On 12/2/2014 poppinfresh said:

I have rosacea of the face and the eyes. My eye doctor told me to wash my eyes with baby shampoo every night and prescribed anti biotics for my eyes. I rub ss tiny bit on my eye lashes with my eyes closed every night, and it has helped alot.

What is ss??
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Re: Rosacea and eye problems

I have Rosacea and Ocular Rosacea. I have found my dermatologist to be very helpful in treating both. The eye Doc gave me cream and told me to wash eyes but it did nothing. The only thing that helps when I have a flare is Minocycline. Dermatologist gave me a prescription to have on hand when I would flare. Then I would take it for a few weeks. I would see Dermatologist twice a year.

I would flare once a year.