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I am doing quite well. I hope it continues. I am still not using my arm  as much as before. I just don't want to over work it

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Thanks for posting!  I love hearing about someone who was in pain and is now pain free.


I wish one day I'd be able to say that.  I live with terrible pain (back and runs down to my fake knee).  I've had the pain since 2003.


I've had everything done to it you can imagine.  EXCEPT having the wires put in.  I have talked to too many people that it didn't work for so that's out.


We are now back to square one.  In a few weeks I'm having cortisone shot all down my spine and then the nerve's will be burned.  I've had it done before but it didn't work....


Were it not for my back I could do everything (like I used to).


Again, thanks for posting about being pain free.  I love reading nice things about people being able to get rid of pain.  If someone hasn't had bad pain like you, myself and other's they have no idea how bad it is.


Please keep letting us know how you are.  Fondly, Annabellethecat/Linda