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Re: Possible reason for shortage of dessicated thyroid products

One additional thing I have just started doing....taking Lugol's Iodine 3 drops per day as of today....started at 1 drop and have slowly gone up.  Been hearing more about this and thought why not...I have tried over the yrs many things but nothing helped my disease process from requiring dosage increases.  Yet ironically my thyroid antibodies 13yrs ago were over 1400....and over the yrs are down to 150 and the other one is in the 40's.  So at least my immune response has lowered with taking the medication over the yrs.


Dr. David Brownstein MD has youtube videos out there on this (and many other topics) which I have found compelling to at least try it for my Hashi's.  He does it with all his Hashi patients with no problems whatsoever.  


Perhaps this would help with the body wanting to make reverse T3??