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I started with pressure in 1 ear and positional vertigo in July. I went to urgent care and the NP said my eardrum looked tight. I was put on antibiotics and prednisone which did help, but my symptoms came back. I went back to urgent care with the same symptoms and they gave me ear drops with some relief. Then it came back again, I went to another urgent care and was put on antibiotics and prednisone again. They symptoms are back. I finally have an appointment with an ENT, thanks to my primary care MD. 

Has anyone experienced this? Sometimes, I have pain shooting up from my ear and it feels like it is behind my eye. I get nauseated and have to sit with my eyes closed because of the nausea and dizziness. 

Has anyone had this? I think I need physical therapy to straighten me out for the vestibular system. Lucky, I have some anti nausea medications that are prescribed to me for another reason. 

Has anyone had these symptoms and a resolution? I see the ear, nose, and throat MD on Wednesday. 

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I am not sure what you have is the same, but my SIL had about with vertigo end of Sept, he was in hospital for a few days getting checked out. He has been in PT for the last month or so, I think it has helped him wth balance. 

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I had this problem for many years. Thought it was my ear,TMJ, and my neck. I tried physical therapy. Sometimes it worked. But anytime they massaged my neck, I felt pressure from my ear into my eyes.  Currently I use a device called a Zok. It relieves the pressure in my ear and head. You can get it on their website.That works for me, everyone is different. Hope you find what works for you.

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Re: Positional Vertigo

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I've had two episodes of vertigo, and a nurse told me it can be caused by allergies -

My doctor put me on an antibiotic and meclizine, which cleared it right up.

It is frightening, and also causes me to be nauseous, which is horrible along with the severe dizziness, making the room spin.

There are videos on youtube showing you how to lay down and turn your head from side to side, which readjusts the 'crystals' in the ear drum which cause that dreadful dizziness.

Worked for me, and now I am careful to take Allegra D, a decongestant, at the first sign of dizziness.  This keeps my sinuses clear, the sinuses and ears affect each other.

Only happens seasonally, so mine is definitely allergy driven.  And don't touch the eyes with your fingers.

Good Luck, and avoid going outside when landscapers are working and using those powerful blowers which force debris up into the air.  I cover my mouth and nose with a mask if I am walking outside when they are working.

Once I understood how vertigo can be triggered, I haven't had any more experiences with it.


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I've had many bouts with positional vertigo, but mine is caused by crystals in the ear canal.  They break off and get in the canal causing the problem.  They cannot be removed.  They just have to be re-positioned to a place where it is no longer a problem.  There's a maneuver to do this called the Epley maneuver, but it's important to know which ear it's in because you need to start with that side or it can make it worse.  


That type of vertigo is pretty easy to diagnose.  For me, it was usually when I would turn over on my side in bed and the world would start spinning.  


I had a bad case that just wouldn't go away during Covid.  Even went to my ENT's Balance Center ($$$) where they have special equpment that ealuates your eyes during different movements.  The nurse did perform the Epley on me, and I gradually got better, but even now I don't like laying flat on my back or looking straight up.  

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I know exactly what you're talking about. I too went thru this "phase" back in 2015 that started just as you said, vertigo, eye pain, headache & ear pain. I also had this weird feeling that when putting the car in park, too me it felt as if the ground was still moving. This scared the #%&$ outta me. MRI, ct scans & several Drs later I finally was sent to a Neuro Opthamolgist. He knew exactly what was wrong and visual physical therapy began. I was diagnosed with TBI, Motion Induced Disequilibrium, Migraine disorder & Focal Seizures. My vision was suddenly picking up fluorescent lighting on monitors & overhead lighting in basically all business. This was Jan 2015, I applied and was approved for Disability in Aug 2015. 8mo wait where it's normally a 2-3yr wait along with appeals. I don't know if you wear glasses but mine were switched to blue tints to remove certain lights and colors. I was put on seizure meds that I still take 2x a day. 

I know this is frightening bc it's your whole area if that makes sense. It's an uncomfortable position bc you feel like the ground is giving way so you're completely off balance (or at least I was). It's very hard describing your symptoms bc it enlists several different Drs. ENT, Optometry, Nuerologist, and your primary who is at a loss. 

If you can find one, look for a Neuro Opthomologist. Regular eye Dr’s are no help or at least not to me. The most frightening symptom I had was while driving, my peripheral vision tried being the dominant so I was never ever comfortable in any surroundings. It was almost a yr till my meds were regulated. I have to have my glasses changed 2x a yr due to such drastic changes I still have today. Good luck, I really hope you find someone near you. If you can, just for an idea of what you may need to look for, look up:


Dr. Paul Lederer, Arlington Heights IL

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I suffer from this from time to time.  It is awful. It can hit me out of nowhere and I can't move my head without getting sick...nausea.


I once could not move for over 24 hours and thought my bladder was going to burst.  I could not get up to go to the bathroom and didn't want to ruin my sofa.


My doctor gave me some pills that help.  When I  looked them up online, they were the same as Bonine which is used for motion sickness and is available over the counter.


The pills do help.  I always have them with me all of the time and will take them immediately if I feel an episode coming on.  I am afraid I will get a episode while away from home while alone


I also suffer from motion sickness.  When I was a child, I couldn't travel in a car more than a few miles without getting sick.  It was a big production to take me anywhere.


I feel for you.  I hope you can some relief.

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@Icegoddess Epley maneuver, Very important advice. Very easy instrucitons on YouTube.


It's interesting that you mentioed COVID related inner ear/balance/verigo related symptoms. 


I lost part of my hearing in one ear after my first (or second) covid vaccine. At the time there was not a lot of medical experiences with such reports. Now the ENT says yes they are hearing lots of reports/complaints from patients involving hearing loss- vertigo associated with covid. The audiologist said their office if full of covid related hearing loss. 


After having covid I had positional vertigo. In office Epley was done and then I followed at home. It was the most nauseated horrible feeling. It was worse than thje vertigo but it resolved after 2-3 treatments. I also took steroids too. 



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Re: Positional Vertigo

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My daughter gets vertigo and when she went to the ER they gave her meclazine tablets and it cleared fairly quickly.   


Dramamine, sold for motion sickness,  that has the ingredient,  Meclazine,  in it is the one to get. There are two choices in Dramamine, one with and one without Meclazine.  Make sure you get the one WITH Meclazine in it.  My daughter carries a small tube of Dramamine with the active ingredient Meclazine in her purse at all times. 

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I had something similar in 2018. I went to 2 ENT's. The first one was useless. The 2nd said it was due to a virus. I'm allergic to steroids, so it's a no-no for me to take any. It did take 2 months for it to go away. It all depends on if yours is allergy, virus or loose crystal driven. I hope you feel better soon.